An American Idol Contestant Dies From a Twisted Ankle

A blood clot killed Michael Johns, a contestant that I thought at the time was pretty damn good.

He apparently visited a doctor on Thursday after the ‘swelling and bruising had made their way up his leg.’The singer allegedly was cleared to go home, but was found dead the following afternoon on his friend’s couch. He reportedly died in his sleep.


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  1. Back in college, I was required to read a book (“A Separate Peace”?) where this very thing happened to one of the characters. I thought at the time that it was a bit of a reach on the part of a writer desperate to kill him off for the sake of the plot.
    As my gal pal was saying to me last night, grab it while you can, because the end can be sudden.

  2. About a year ago I was diagnosed with a large blood clot, considered “loose and ready to travel”. However, once at the hospital ER I was treated as though I had a scratch or something. Go figure.
    Started with a pain in my calf, and in four days I couldn’t walk. I’d hoped it was a strained muscle, but the vein in my leg even swelled and got rigid. Nasty experience. Had to inject myself in the stomach twice a day for a few weeks while taking anti-coagulants.

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