Horse-Toothed Jackass Marries Horse-Toothed Jackass

Actress Cheryl Hines Ruins Her Life By Marrying  a Kennedy



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  1. “But, mother, you don’t understand. I LOVE him! What does he do for a living? He’s saving the world from global warming! That’s not fair, I know he drove his previous wife to suicide but he’d never do that to ME!”

  2. Isn’t this the misfiring Kennedy that drove one of his wives to suicide, is a heroin addict, is one of the vaccination nuts that actually wrote an article about it that was so bad that Salon (Salon!) was forced to first correct, then give up and retract it completely. A guy that can only get a job if a friend hires him, a guy that wrote that Bush stole the 2004 election and a Slate (Slate for pete’s sake) writer took him to task about his faulty arguments and now hosts a radio program nobody listens to.
    Oh, maybe he’s not misfiring. Maybe he’s a successful one. I’ll bet he gets a pilot’s license next.

  3. Who cares?
    Two serial leftards who deserve each other.

    @Eleanor, calm down.
    These two are lightweights. Your Blue Ribbon status is safe.

  4. This morning at breakfast, Mary Kathleen said, “I’ll give her a year, then, goodnight vagina.”

    I’m not sure what she meant.

  5. Had to bing Hines – she must be one of those rich, self-loathing Hollyweird airheads.

    Still sad to watch the descent into madness.

  6. As someone who worked for seven years in the child/spousal support area of Family Court, I just can’t forgive the way Bobby treated his second wife during the divorce proceedings. He refused to give Mary enough money to run the house or take care of herself or the children. She was constantly having to borrow $10 or $20 from friends and neighbors to buy bread and milk, or put gas in the car. And this was after 18 years of raising four children and designing a house that is considered a showpiece in the green crowd. Maybe she was depressed, but I honestly believe there were other factors that drove her to hang herself.

    Cheryl Hines is tremendously foolish to think things are going to be any different this time.

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