And Now, a Sinkhole Full of Rats


The CUT – In one of the surest signs of an impending apocalypse we have yet seen, a New York City man fell about 15 feet into a pit of rats when a sidewalk sinkhole opened under his feet. The ground simply split and swallowed its victim, 33-year-old Leonard Shoulders, as he waited for a bus on Saturday afternoon. Shoulders survived, albeit with a few broken bones, but his family says he is “deeply traumatized.” Which, yes.

The hellmouth reportedly wrenched open on Third Avenue near 183rd Street in the Bronx. One minute, Shoulders was just standing there, his mother — Cindy White — told NBC 4 New York; the next, “it was like a suction,” she recalled. “He just went down.”

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  1. This is what happens when feral cats are killed instead of allowing the feral cats to kill the rats. The rat problem is every where. Sterilize the cats and go after the reproducing rats! DUH!

  2. …although were I fool enough to live in New York City, I’d be FAR more worried about the two legged rat in Gracie Mansion that an entire UNDERWORLD filled with them, because rats only eat your garbage while Wilhelm DeB eats your very freedoms along with your money when its tax time in the Old Town tonight…

  3. Are the rats a sign of the fall of NYC? Should we expect the Ghostbusters to be getting busy before the city is overrun by evil spirits too?

  4. He is going to be a very rich, traumatized man.

    We lived in Hawai’i for a few years, it is overrun with rats AND cats AND mongoose.

  5. Those must be the only rats left in the city that the cockroaches haven’t devoured and now their one hiding place has been found. Even the rats can’t catch a break with that idiot running the city.

  6. Rats – squirrels without the alleged charm. And far easier to hunt, even easier that Sky Rats (pigeons)…

  7. Reminded me far too much of H. P. Lovecraft’s short story, “The Rats in the Walls”. THAT one gave me nightmares.

  8. Here’s a brain teaser: Which are a worse problem in big cities, Rats or ANTIFA?
    Portland, you get to answer first.

  9. Was Willard somehow involved in this and no I’m not talking about Willard Romney. I found a dead frozen squirrel on my back deck this morning who evidently didn’t survive the deep freeze we had this past week.

  10. And the underrated comedy Mouse Hunt from the 90’s. I loved Christopher Walken as the exterminator and the cat named Catzillah who wasn’t a match for that mouse. Any one remember the old Mickey Mouse cartoon where Mickey gets stoned on insecticide and hallucinates while trying to get rid of some insect pests.

  11. @MissInMi:

    @Uncle Al

    Don’t forget Ratatouille.

    …and bratwurst, can’t leave out bratwurst.

    “I’ll put another rat brat on the barbie!”

    (Want some au gratin potatoes with that?)


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