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Andrew Cuomo Keeps Digging

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo yesterday informed a friendly crowd that America “has never been great.” He then tried to explain his statement by declaring that the nation would never achieve greatness until “all Americans are fully engaged.” Cuomo then trotted out the long debunked myth of women making a third less than their male counterparts as an example of being engaged, apparently.

The “never been great” comment immediately lit up social media, forcing the governor’s press secretary to try to put a positive spin on the comments. More

Cuomo was unable to finish the day without having to defend his remarks from the current leader of the free world’s criticism  of the governor presiding over the state with the greatest tax burden. More

14 Comments on Andrew Cuomo Keeps Digging

  1. Hey Cuomo, is receiving food stamps being engaged, how about welfare? Is membership in a gang being engaged? Is looking the other way, or even assisting illegal immigrants being engaged? YOU BASTARD!!

  2. The comatose Andrew running a liberal state and his even more moronic brother anchoring the fake news. This is truly the State of Idiocracy. Obviously the majority of voters are a few cents short of a dime to elect them in the 1st place. The dopes who voted this ass hat in as governor, along with the dummy commie for mayor, will get what they deserve. I hope they all enjoy their ride in the handbasket.

  3. The sad part about Cujo’s statement is that he probably believes it. The truth of the matter is no populace can ever be fully engaged as there is always a certain percentage which are mental unfit for duty. Cuomo appears to be a perfect example of these poor misguided souls.

  4. Cuomo believes that he is making America Great by pardoning child rapist and cop killers so they can reengage with society.

    Truly, America will only be great when every felon (no matter the crime), upon their release, is allowed to vote for a Democrat to demonstrate their commitment to participating in society in a constructive manner.(This is on the condition that prior to their conviction, they were not registered as a member of the Republican Party.)

  5. Plenty of people in his crowd agreed.

    We joke every election about just playing these peoples’ words for campaign ads and letting them stand on their own.

    They are giving us fucking gold here. Gold! Use it. Masked punks throwing feces, affirmative action Muzzloid police shooting yoga instructors, Ben Rhodes taking credit for killing Osama bin Laden, Abolish ICE protests, John Kerry traveling the world telling countries to oppose us while demanding us to scrape the shit off its shoe and hand it to us because of a poem on the Statue of Liberty. Cuomo’s America sucks speech. We suck so lets invite the world to join in our suckage.

    It’s hard to keep track of it all.


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