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No Go Zones? Myth – No Drive Zones? Reality

We can no longer board planes without a colonoscopy because of Muslims.

Now a mayor of a major city in Europe is floating the idea of not allowing cars to drive in certain areas. This is not because of the Amish. Or Christians. Or Jews. Or anyone other than MUSLIMS.

Thy say no-go zones are a myth. Will the no-drive zones be a myth, or will they exist because of Muslims?

Daily Caller-

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said Wednesday he wants to ban cars from certain areas of Parliament Square in response to a suspected terror attack on Tuesday.

Khan told BBC Radio that the important thing was to ensure that the people continued to have access to their government, but that measures to keep members of Parliament safe would benefit everyone.


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  1. On twitter some schmuck will say “you’re condemning all Muslims for the action of a few.”

    I’ll say, “I got the idea from the left when they wanted to take guns away from everyone for the actions of a few.”

    Then they call me a racist and give themselves a debating trophy.

  2. This is perfect. I’m dying to see what they will ban next. We need to encourage this course of action. The end result will be ban Christians. Then they won’t get killed.

  3. The only thing that’s floating is this Muslim trash that coward Brit puffs allowed. Wish the US would vote for a “No Talent Zone”. No more permanent vises for hacks that cannot be supported in their own country (Oliver, Cordon, Bee, Jeffries, Cohen, AGT,) feel free to add.


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