Another Halloween Costume Wearing Person’s Life is Ruined

This professor’s teaching days are over for dressing up as Urethra Franklin.

Stupid idea.

He also owned a bicycle shop. That business is in jeopardy.

College Fix-

Snoop Dogg dressed as Todd, a white guy, doing a commercial for a website that doesn’t exist.

Why hasn’t earth stopped rotating on its axis?

30 Comments on Another Halloween Costume Wearing Person’s Life is Ruined

  1. 10% of the population needs to be VERY careful about their toleration…..
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  2. “Urethra”

    Apparently, the black student, Daija Little, isn’t aware that he dissed Aretha’s black skin with his spelling of her name. That will not be tolerated!

    (Or am I missing something?)

  3. “Your black skin as a costume” Ah come on, how about just the lips? Those alone are always good for a laugh.

  4. If you spend your time looking for offense, you will probably find it.
    All day.
    Every day.
    That’s no way to go through life

  5. Why any white guy would dress up as anything other than Kennedy with a head wound and his date dressed as a blood spattered jackie is beyond me.

  6. “…the adjunct professor of cycling…”
    He never deserved a job in the first place.
    I bet he votes democrat too.

  7. @ Jethro & the ghost,
    Let’s see…. cross dressing?
    grown man dressing up for halloween?
    adjunct prof of cycling??????
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  8. If Congress can pass the “Zero Tolerance of Cultural Appropriation Act” would that make them happy?
    Then the people of color or different cultures could not buy any white owned, white created, white invented products.
    No gasoline, no clothes, no food, no Walmart…… nada, no nahtink, no nuttin.

  9. When I lived in Massachusetts I always dreamed of opening a wreath store in the town of Franklin.

    Wreath of Franklin.

    Probably wouldn’t have done well, even though there is plausible deniability.

  10. Oh my G-d. It’s the Sacred Black Person. Thou shalt not have any false witnesses before thee. Right?

    Lame, but half-funny. These sjbullies are dreadfully zealous and boring.

  11. Vietvet, since I’m currently having problems with an enlarged prostate (old guy syndrome) and have a catheter inserted in me until this Thursday I had to laugh at your urethra comment. Hopefully they will get this under control soon.

  12. Can I go dressed as preblack Dolezal?

    Or more accurately, Rachel Dolezal wore blackface for years and became an NAACP President. Yet I hear nothing about that from the race hustlers.

  13. @geoff the aardvark: Thanks – I’m glad you recognized me from my avatar, since I FUBARed my name line and got stuck with the despised “Anonymous” ID (oh, the shame!).

    Anyway, hang in there, and remember: this too shall pass. Here’s hoping your prostate won’t keep you prostrate very much longer.

  14. How does she KNOW it was a man, that person looks sorta like a woman of color, so why can she not accept the person in their own skin? She must realize that they are not comfortable being the gender of their DNA but instead that person knows ‘she’ is a strong black woman inside! Scarc/off

  15. Jack:

    That does not look like a woman of color. The creature running for gov. in GA looks like a woman of color, or Obama’s husband. So you’d better get your eyes checked. I bet you think Phyllis Diller looked just like Sophia Loren.

  16. Daija…Didja ever see a photo of Al Jolson singing in blackface in the first “talkie”, The Jazz Singer (1927)? He was singing “Mammy, Mammy”. If you see it, it’ll make you wanna go to Hollywood and blow things up. I for one, will applaud you for doing it.

  17. I guess my position is, I really don’t get the black face thing. Seem kind of Lawn Jockey insulting. Don’t get me wrong, I have some black friends I’d pull it on just to fuck with them. But then again pay backs a bitch.

  18. Now that’s funny! It made me laugh. Joyously. It’s really funny. Too bad some people are perpetual kill-joys. They need to live on their own island. Maybe then they can be happy repressing each other.


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