Antifa is Antiwhite


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  1. I couldn’t finish reading that tripe but the idea is old news anyway. The public school system is the hatchery for this traitorous nonsense and no end in sight. We’re in for some major troubles.

  2. While all of that is true, I smell well-crafted agitprop. The yellowed paper, the coffee rings, the florid prose and the “sum of all fears” nature of the prose give me pause.

    But yes, the soft, putrid core of antifa is self-hating white assholes.

  3. Thirdtwin@
    There is nothing new under the sun. When the Patriots fought the British during the Revolutionary war they also had to contend with the numerous white traitors in their midst!

  4. They complain about white males controlling the printing press, mass media, etc but don’t mention why. Who INVENTED them?

    Not one tribe in sub Saharan Africa had a written alphabet (or the wheel) until the white Europeans came along. Pretty tough to invent a printing press or distribute millions of books and newspapers without either one.

    As for social media – white guys invented that, too.

    No wonder they want to wipe out history.

  5. Maybe it’s me, but I’m always suspicious of documents that turn up if those documents have a tell-tale coffee stain on them. It’s almost as if they’re trying to hard to convince us it’s real.

  6. Meanwhile, white males will continue to do the good work they have been historically known for, lifting all ethnic groups, including minorities. Plagues & cancers will be cured, new forms of travel & communication invented, etc., etc. When the dust settles, the white man will be there to blame for all that is wrong. Again. We get it already.

  7. The only thing missing are dunce hats, public humiliations of repentance, and the reading of Mao’s Little Red Book…

  8. I don’t call them Antifa.
    Trump should come out and call them ALTIFA.
    Or Alt-Fascists. He took the term Fake News and turned it on them ( media) in a week.

  9. This is clearly a parody. I agree with Thirdtwin that this doc is just too cute.

    The real Antifa don’t need a manual. “How to Antifa”: Wear black, cover your face, shout obscenities, and follow the mob.

  10. You Lost Me At Free Meth , It’s a Joke !
    The Disabled Don’t Do Well With Meth , Or is That The Idea ?
    That I Might Believe !!!

  11. Good read. Orwell would love it– agitprop satire/parody that tells the truth about The Enemy’s beliefs and goals.

    Time to declare ANTIFA a terrorist organization, round up the leaders, put the donors through the IRS grinder.

    Smash them. Hard. We as a nation don’t have the time to waste on these distractions.

  12. How do you eliminate the majority white people in this country?
    Being white yourself?
    Are you going to kill all the whites in the country and then kill yourselves?
    Antifags must be insane people

  13. Read: Behold a Pale Horse by Cooper
    I don’t know about the document (smells fake) but the ideas are old news.
    David Bowie,
    From ‘Teenage Wildlife’ on Scary Monsters
    “Same old thing in brand new drag, comes sweeping into view”

  14. these fascist Antifa thugs are violently targeting Conservatives and journalists. “Take their camera, take their phone” because these cowardly pussies are afraid of being identified by law enforcement.

    A simple way to avoid being targeted is to go on Amazon and buy spy pens and spy glasses, where a tiny lens & microphone in the glasses or pen records everything in high resolution onto a mini-SD card. Then hold a dumbass placard saying something like “Gimme Free Shit Now” and dress up in that black shit Antifa uses as a uniform and stand amidst them, recording all of them for later arrest & prosecution.

  15. Even if it isn’t fake, it’s Same Shit Different Day. Communist Manefesto, Port Huron Statement, etc. This disease-ridden psychotic scum still needs to be eradicated.

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