Appeals court tosses 1 of 2 indictments against Rick Perry

Fox– One of two felony indictments against former Texas Gov. Rick Perry was tossed out Friday, giving the Republican presidential candidate a potentially huge legal victory in the face of flagging polling numbers for the 2016 race.

rick perry

The 3rd Court of Appeals in Austin sided Friday with Perry’s high-powered legal team in ruling that the charge of coercion of a public servant essentially constituted a violation of Perry’s free speech rights.

Perry was indicted last August on the coercion charge and a separate charge of abuse of official power, which wasn’t affected by the ruling. It’s still likely he’ll have to face that charge.  more

SNIP: What was he doing in that photo? lol


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  1. Perry brought a bunch of Libtards to our great state and all they do is whine and try and change our culture. I’m a fourth generation Texan we don’t need our culture changed.

  2. I only give a shit about Ted Cruz and Hannibal Lector and that guy from Lonesome Dove, Gus Mac Caul and Spencer Tracy, and Victor Mature as Sampson, And

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