AR-15 Owning Mother Confronts Beto at Town Hall- “Hell No, You’re Not Taking My Gun”

18 Comments on AR-15 Owning Mother Confronts Beto at Town Hall- “Hell No, You’re Not Taking My Gun”

  1. Beto= putz.
    Hecklers= brainwashed sheeple (to be expected at a beto rally.)
    Lady is right on. Took some nerve to go there.

  2. That woman is braver than that stupid man yelling at her and all of those misinformed sheeple who can’t bare to hear anyone speak who doesn’t follow the Borg protocol.

  3. So embarrassing to see such a clueless head in the sand dip shit getting into American politics. Even more embarrassing is the folks who are so uninformed they’d take time out of their days to see this waste of flesh in person.

  4. Beto brings up a visual view of what happens when someone gets shot and it looks just like war. What he doesn’t mention is what it looks like when someone is stabbed to death, or beaten to death or thrown off a building or caught in a bear trap. Because those will be the preferred if all the guns magically go away and the criminals follow the law and turn them in too.

  5. If the left ever actually succeeds in wishing guns away the world will be run by big strong men. Women will be second class citizens and people like Beeto will be slaves. He clearly hasn’t thought this thing through.

  6. “We all know you have a criminal history—”


    Shocked the shit out of those suburban wine moms and their min. She needs to move to GA-6 and run for Congress.

    And really, credit to Beto for taking the lashing. Although he probably liked it.

  7. 5′ nothing and a hundred pounds……. AND totes a 15! I too am in love.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  8. The deception clearly being perpetrated on Demwit progressives by Beto insures they will be duped into surrendering all their rights to a government run by leftists.

    Someday, if socialism completely grips the United States, these elite tools are going to need the help of great patriots like the woman in this video clip. Beto doesn’t care about any of them, only his owm scrawny hide. His security team will always be armed to the teeth.

    Beto will never be vulnerable to a nationwide shrinking, ineffective police force or criminal inc. organizations acting as “protection” – for a price. Useful idiots deserve what they get.


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