Argentine President: Obama Administration tried to convince us to give Iran nuclear fuel – IOTW Report

Argentine President: Obama Administration tried to convince us to give Iran nuclear fuel

JihadWatch: “Kirchner went on to say at the U.N. that when Samore was asked to provide the request in writing, all communications immediately ceased and Samore disappeared.” The Obama people knew that what they were doing was wrong, and would be hated by the American people.  more


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  1. Surely there must be a Mitch Rapp in the bowels of some agency that is seething and has a Stu Garrett ending in mind for this fucking traitor and her puppet Obama.

  2. I’d take anything this woman says with a grain of salt. She’s a failed Peronista whose country is on the verge of bankruptcy (again), inflation is killing the economy along with her economic strategies, she may be indicted for murder in the killing of a special prosecutor who was about to indict her for working with Iran to cover up a bombing of a Jewish community center that killed 85 people. This would be classic Obama/Clinton move to get attention away from her. I doubt even Obama would be stupid or arrogant enough try to organize nuclear fuel for Iran especially when he was up to his eyeballs in ObamaCare.
    That being said if I’ve learned anything from politics in the last 30 years anything is possible, it’s a real friggin Twilight Zone episode out there.

  3. I wouldn’t rule it out as being the truth. Early reports of the Nazi death/crematorium factories were disbelieved too, people thought no one could be that stupid/evil. But they were.

    Depends upon how honest or devious you think Zero is.
    Order his statements in order from lie to truth.

    If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.
    My muslim faith.
    My christian faith.
    The muslim call to prayer is the most beautiful sound in the world.
    We are just five days away from fundamentally transforming the USA.
    There is not a smidgen of evidence of corruption.
    The list goes on for a few gigabytes.

  4. Hi @Blink. Your point is well taken however while I recognize Obama would lie just for the sake of lying I suspect that this isn’t one of those times. It would be interesting to get Samore under oath in front of the Foreign Relations committee to answer a few questions on this and it’s bearing on the Iran Nuke deal. Obama is beginning to remind me of Shakespeare’s Richard III who was evil for the sake of being evil.

  5. Uumm… how ’bout the ginned-up, dumbed-down, Politically Correct, hashtag opportunistic, carpet-bagging, counterfeit, cheap, lying, no good, four-flushing, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-eating, brainless, dickless, purple-lipped, hopeless, heartless, bug eyed, jug-eared, incompetent, inexperienced, lazy, vacationing, golfing, childish, naïve, partying, vindictive, arrogant, stumbling, sarcastic, narcissistic, corrupt, backstabbing, stone-walling, out-of-touch, wildly spending, stair-prancing, Gay-obsessed, dope-smoking, pot-headed, half-White, half-assed, momjeans-wearing, shame gland missing, monument-Barrycading, gum-chewing, community-organizing, selfie-posing, celebrity gad-fly, dirty-rotton, America-hating, muzlim-loving, Jihad-coddling, taqiyah sunrise-drinking, dithering, flat-footed, tone-deaf, lawless, divisive, phoney-baloney, plastic banana republic Socialist Rat-bastard traitor known as the Øbamboozler.

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