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No Disrespect Here – Please Believe Me – But I Have a Question To Ask

It’s been widely reported since yesterday that the maniac Mercer asked students to stand up and state their religion.


If they said Christian he shot them in the head. If they were anything else he shot them in the legs.

Couldn’t you see the pattern here?

Who else would say Christian?

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  1. Who? The next Christian. For people of faith, DENIAL of that faith is a very serious matter.

    Let’s adjust the question just a bit. “Will you submit to Allah and Islam?”

    Would you answer “Yes,” just to avoid being shot?

  2. A clarification here: My answer is to the original question, not the one that showed up above it when I hit “enter”.

  3. “But whoever disowns me before others, I will disown before my Father in heaven.” Matthew 10:33

    Now we can debate all day what that verse means within THIS shooting context but to some of those that saw the pattern truly took that verse to heart and died a martyr. Could I be that bold enough? I hope I never have to find out, honestly.

    Those who may have lied about their faith in Christ will not be disowned. God wants to keep them around for His reasons alone so that His glory will be revealed. And that is not a disrespectful question to ask BigFurHat.

  4. Also, I remember reading articles of when the jihadis started infiltrating Kashmir Valley in India, that young girls wearing blue jeans were shot in the legs.

  5. Matthew 10:33 “But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father in heaven.”

    I would admit to being a Christian.

  6. Not seeing the wisdom, or necessity, of defiantly telling a deranged individual that you’re a Christian.
    God knows what’s in my heart. This POS matters little to me. It would be like telling a shark I’m a Christian. The shark doesn’t care.
    If God would smite me for telling a lie that might allow me, under the right circumstances, to save other people, then I guess I’m going to have to accept my smite.

  7. I would like to think I’d answer with, “No. I’m an athiest.” He pauses and thinks about my answer long enough for me to bum rush and subdue him. As I smash his face into the floor, I tell him, “I’m really a Christian who just lied so I could beat your f@&kinh ass.”

  8. Martyrs have special rewards. Those people were martyrs.

    You gotta figure though why not rush the guy if you know you’re gonna take one to the head anyway.

  9. My thoughts exactly.
    Onward Christian SOLDIER.
    I believe (my belief) that it’d be a sin to simply take a bullet to the head and leave the rest to die a similar fate because it is important to tell a piece of shit that you’re Christian.
    I’d rather live and possibly snap that asshole’s neck if given the chance.
    No offense to the deceased.
    Their choice was noble, brave and probably stronger than I can realize.

  10. Being a contributor to and reader of the “Voice of Martyrs” ( and aware of the persecution of Christians today ,as well as, over the ages…….

    with no hesitation, I will not deny my Faith in the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost.

    That said, I will not passively forfeit my life on my knees either. I will do all in my power to destroy that which attempts to destroy me, my family, beliefs and faith.

    The powers of darkness will fail, it is foretold, be strong, be blessed, have faith.

  11. I am not judging the victims here.
    They are perhaps stronger on a level that I do not understand, and I trust they are in a far better place, as well.
    God bless you.

  12. I’m with Claudia.

    I’m also preparing my young nieces and nephews to answer the same when the question is proposed to them – and it’s coming.

    Prepare yourselves by seeking your concealed carry and by answering properly when and if the time comes.

    And have no fear. It should be pretty clear to any thinking individual that Allah is Satan, and in the end Satan loses. I intend to help him achieve that end.

  13. My wife’s company; she works at, had a training session last year for just this occasion. They were taught to fight back with everything they have handy.
    Pretend your on a plane and the gun man is going to crash it.
    Since then they started a gun club so they could all learn how to use a hand gun. Now…..they are no longer a ‘gun free zone’ ( but they were)
    My wife has always had a .45 in her desk. Fuck the rules.

  14. Right on the money. I’m not going to deprive my wife of a husband, my children of a father, and me of my life just so I can tell myself (in the last few seconds I have on Earth): “Well, at least I didn’t deny my religion.” Anyone who has a religion with a god that doesn’t understand that concept should probably be shopping around for a new one. Senseless martyrdom is for Islamists and/or fools, not for intelligent people of ANY faith.

    tl;dr: I would lie my ass off if necessary.


  15. Amen. I, also, would not passively let others or myself die without doing something. But he would know for sure that I was a Christian as I rushed him praying, “Lord God, give me the strength to break open this demon’s head!”

  16. In the Gospel, Peter denied Christ three times and went on to become the Petra of the young church.

    Faith, like so many things in life, is a matter of personal choice. So it is in this Oregon case. Perhaps some of those wounded there did indeed answer differently from their faith, and survived as a result.

    I agree, the POS means nothing to me. I’m glad he’s dead. The shark analogy is a little weak, though.

  17. Oh, he’s being punished more harshly than any of us can imagine. He is in the hands of Lucifer. I almost feel sorry for him. Almost!

  18. “The one to remember is 30-year-old Chris Mintz, the student and Army vet who was shot at least five times while charging straight at the gunman in an effort to save others….”

  19. The shark analogy is perfect.
    Most people who survive these attacks say the gunman had dead eyes. Cold eyes.
    That’s shark-like.
    It’s a killing machine.
    Why do I have to impress upon some zombie, monster with cold dead eyes that I’m a Christian?
    It’s not important.
    I take the Bible verse to mean you do not submit to a ruling nation, leader, person of power.
    Not that you can’t lie to a rogue piece of shit in order to live and take care of your family.

  20. The fucker needs to publicly have his balls and head ripped off so we can take turns shitting down his throat.

  21. You don’t have to impress anything on anyone. Neither did the victims. That’s a personal choice.

    We can compare/contrast occultist shooter to ocean shark all day. No great white cares if you’re circumcised or not because he’s either Kosher or Halal; if shark hungry, you get et.

    Apparently, it did make a difference to occultist shooter. Alas, he was feeding a dark, useless hunger.

  22. I’ve actually given the matter some thought, and have chosen my last words should I ever be up close and personal with some towelhead’s sword:


  23. With respect Nobama, he never would have been thoroughly punished in the States (or for that matter almost any western country). He would have been judged either insane or sane but would have spent the rest of his life in prison, in a cell for 23 hours a day, receiving decent medical care, food and entertainment (books, TV, radio etc). That’s the price that liberals have forced the rest of society to pay in order for them to feel a little bit superior to everyone else. What this person actually needed was to be tried in court, convicted and executed. Dying in a gunfight with the police was a gift that I’m sure he was counting on.

  24. According to a Daily Mail article, a survivor said he asked the Christians to stand. When they did he said they were going to get to meet Jesus or something like that and then he shot them. I can’t answer what was going through their minds. Maybe the survivor can explain. Many people in these situations are paralyzed with fear and may just automatically respond honestly to the demands.

  25. At first, I thought you were asking ‘who else (as a shooter) would say Christian?’ other than a muzzie.

    As for who (as a victim) would say Christian, why would one of another faith say so?

    Bottom line to me: If you said you’re a Christian, you know your time is up, number has been called, and you accept it.

    If you lie and deny being a Christian, not to run away, but to get a chance at stopping the shooter and saving others, then I say OK, go with it.

    If that campus wasn’t a gun free zone, we wouldn’t be talking about this, it wouldn’t have happened. And the media is playing into the shooters hands, as he said the more he kills, the more he gets noticed. He was just the next one after the last one trying to one-up all those before him.

    And, don’t get me going on what Barky had to say…

  26. Had the guy pointed a gun at me and asked the question, I’d have probably rushed him with every intent of beating the living snot out of him. Heck, he would have shot me anyway, so why go down easy?

  27. Could you imagine, a scant five or ten years ago, having to even seriously contemplate how you would answer this question, with a gun to your head, in the US of A?

    My God, how the mighty have fallen here.

  28. My Italian in-laws always said “better a live chicken than a dead duck”. The Italians were always lousy soldiers anyhow. Good cooks. But chickenshits.

    Me? I’m with Bad Brad. Better to live for another day, when you can pay them back ten-fold.

  29. The right thing to do in this particular circumstance would be to proclaim loudly, “Jesus Loves you!” And at the very same instance, grab that mother fucker’s weapon and smash his skull into small fragments & mash, or shove the gun up his ass and pull the trigger a few times.

    Don’t just stand there and do nothing, especially if you know there is a good chance you could die very soon.

    P.S. Fuck islam!! Fuck 0bama!!

  30. Fur, that’s because a lot of people do not understand what eternity is. This life, as ever wonderful and fulfilling as it is, is less than a blink of God’s eye. To say that a god who would not understand the lie of denying Jesus and to portray Him as a senseless god, is precisely what non-Christians say. He gave his only son, Christ, so that men may live — truly live — for all eternity. There’s no out clause in God’s word. This is why it is a lot harder to be a Christian than any other religion or pseudo-religion. We know that there will be judgement on us. That goes for our declaration of faith in Christ as well as our obedience to do the kinder and gentler things our faith requires.

    Jesus suffered a despicable, horrific death for me. I love Him and I’m not going to trade Him in for this brief moment.

  31. Don’t forget this tidbit of prophecy:

    Revelation 6, 9-11
    9 When he opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain for the word of God and for the witness they had borne. 10 They cried out with a loud voice, “O Sovereign Lord, holy and true, how long before you will judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell on the earth?” 11 Then they were each given a white robe and told to rest a little longer, until the number of their fellow servants and their brothers should be complete, who were to be killed as they themselves had been.

    We are one day and nine souls closer to Jesus returning.

  32. I would deny Christ. But I would still fight bitterly to live. I would do everything I could to neutralize the threat.

  33. “I wouldn’t deny Christ” is what I meant to say. I am not ashamed of the Gospel. To those who don’t believe, the cross seems like foolishness, they will not understand until they stand before Jesus and are judged. Hopefully it will not be too late.

    Seek Jesus now, while you still have the opportunity……

  34. The correct answer is, “What do you want it to be?”, as you (and hopefully others) move to grab his gun and shoot his sorry ass. No need to tell him any personal information when you are going to try to kill him. If you succeed, he won’t know it for long, anyway. If you don’t succeed , it won’t matter what your religion was. All that matters is that you did not “go gentle into that good night”…

  35. I would think that my rushing him would be answer enough.

    BTW, i appreciate all of the answers that everyone posted here. It is encouraging to read these responses. Islam and obomba wont win with people like you around. thanks.

  36. BFH, don’t back down on this. Christianity (assuming you believe in it) is all about LIFE. Islam (by their own admission) is all about DEATH. Any Christian that would throw their life away needlessly is no better than a Muslim who straps on a suicide vest and blows himself to Paradise. Worse, in fact, because at least the Muslim has a chance at accomplishing something (i.e., destroying his enemies) with his death. A “Christian” who dies as a so-called “martyr” because he will not compromise his “holy principles” does nothing for himself OR his religion. His life has been sacrificed for NOTHING. Want to do something for Christianity? Stay alive and struggle against the powers of darkness. BE a Christian soldier. Or you can take the coward’s way out. It’s your choice.

    Sorry if I offended any so-called “Christians” with this rant, but I needed to get this off my chest.

    Feel free to fire away now, folks. I can take it.

  37. I would have answered “Pastafarian” and when he turned his head sideways like a dog trying to figure that one out, I’d punch his throat with all the force my Christian gave me!

  38. I think of it as the same thing as a contract signed under duress or a lie told to a kidnapper to escape- God is not going to punish you for lying to an insane person to save your life. You are not denying God, you are lying about it to a lunatic. I would not die and leave my family for a lunatic. God would forgive you a hundred times for this.
    You could start a ministry or save others or raise your children up right, but not if you are dead.

  39. Evil always tries to put Good on the defensive. Exactly what Satan did to Jesus in the desert. Christians don’t owe Satan anything.
    Yes, Christians should be prepared for martyrdom, but until it’s required by the Lord, Christians should not be lambs to the slaughter.
    Jesus is my Savior and Lord. I will not deny Him, yet I would have also done what it takes to survive and lie to the evil bastard, just like Rahab – Joshua 2, KJV. If I have a chance to fight for my life, I will – in reality, there are no gun free zones.

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