Arne Duncan And Why We Need To Abolish The Dept. of Ed.

For a man who once headed the federal agency tasked with educating the young, Arne Duncan sure seems unable to learn from his mistakes. Worse, he seems to have derived the wrong lessons from the imposition of “Common Core” upon our nation’s youth. More

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  1. FTA: But, Duncan says, the real problem was that Americans on both the political Left and Right strenuously objected to his pie-in-the-sky schemes for their kids and money.

    What a narcissistic nut job, who melded quite nicely in the narcissistic obama admin.

    FTA: Duncan mostly chalks mass grassroots resistance to the Obama administration’s education policies to “poor communication.

    Uh huh, and you think a poor communicator is the ideal person to communicate an entire revamp of a national education system?

    I read some pretty disturbing things about this guy, namely NAMBLA related. I tend to believe that was the mild stuff.

    BRING BACK CIVICS 101 and pound it into the kids heads, every grade level, every year.

  2. The next spectacular failure brought to you by the “Education Bored”, LeBomba’s school, what could go wrong, eh?
    I’m old enough to remember when it was the practice to segregate low performing kids into special schools. “Mainstream” then became the buzzword.
    Everything old is new again.
    CC was a fool’s errand, Duncan is head jester.
    I think they wanted something parents couldn’t show them it was wrong, there was no wrong.

  3. The goal was to dumb down and subdue the kids.
    Mission Accomplished.

    If you want a stronger country full of inquisitive bright kids marching into the future, their goal is destructive of your goal.

  4. I encouraged my daughter to go for pre-IB (International Baccalaureate)in Grade 10. She was worried about the course load, but I told her if she didn’t like it, she could drop back to regular Senior Matriculation (we live in western Canada). She took the Math and Science diploma of IB, not the full program. She received all sorts of scholarships and instant entrance into the university of her choice. She graduated 4 years ago with a degree in Computer Programming. She said that with IB, she and the rest of her classmates did not have to wait for the “slow” ones to get the course material. She essentially did first year of University Science in Grade 12. YOu want to challenge and grow the students.

  5. Return control of the schools to local school boards. Institute voucher systems. Permit schools to more easily remove violent and problem students from the student body. Scrub the mainstreaming and self esteem emphasis from the schools.

    Four things I believe would improve schools at minimal cost.


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