Trump rolls back lightbulb ban

Tammy Bruce-

Great news!

The ban against regular light bulbs was started under George W Bush, and was expanded under Obama.

The “old” light bulbs give a softer, warmer light, IMHO. And if the government won’t allow us to choose the kind of bulbs we want to have in our homes, what’s next? A ban on plastic straws?

Oh wait…

more about the unbanning here.

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  1. Well now, seeing as their replacement spiral fluorescent bulbs all contained Mercury,if my memory serves me right, it was a stupid replacement to push. Oh yeah, Government.

  2. LEDs have come along way and the price way down. And they come without the quirky speciousness of purpose and function of the florescent bulb.
    I converted my little compartment(yep, it’s that small) and have never looked back. The led, unlike the flo is actually instantly full brightness and the difference in my electric bill was a significant drop.
    Regular bulbs are relegated to only useful for pantyfa as grenades as far as I’m concerned. Besides, you’d be hard pressed to find one of them snitpusses that could dismantle a Phillips slim profile led bulb for such a purpose.

  3. I love My President!
    I hope he will repeal the ban on safe effective CFC propelled asthma inhalers next! My rescue inhaler expired ten years ago but I still keep it around because the new kind made me sick!

  4. Bongo, Are you disparaging the woman that does the Progressive insurance commercials?
    “The led, unlike the flo is actually instantly full brightness”

  5. I almost had a panic attack the last time I needed bulbs and found that Walmart has an entire aisle (both sides) dedicated to nothing but lightbulbs.
    This should confirm to anyone who thinks govt is efficient and necessary (well, anyone who’s not a dimwit), the results of “improving” our lives, is anything but.

  6. I paid extra for the LED. They are robust. I didn’t feel guilty leaving a few them on when I was away for extended periods.

  7. I wonder if manufacturers will want to restart their production just to potentially have them banned again sometime in the future.
    I’ve found the 100W (equiv) 2700K LED are very close to the incandescent bulbs. Higher than 3000K and the light is too dang white for my eyes.

  8. Er, um. I’m a hoarder, just like all you all. I hoarded 60 watt bulbs when they were under threat. I also hoarded ammo for the same reason.

    Haven’t hoarded straws though.

  9. Thank you, President Trump. He understands the market, unlike the former socialist presidents, Barry and W.

  10. Wow.
    As an Australian, I’m jealous.
    Our lunatic, elected representatives banned the incandescent light bulbs several years ago, insisting that the general public must be poisoned by the mercury in the newer and “superior”, poisonous light bulbs; because Gaia wanted an Earth with fewer people on it.

  11. 2700K LED bulbs give off the same warm light as an incandescent.

    Heckuva lot cheaper to run too, and last a long time.

    However, they don’t work well or at all in garage door systems or infrared detection lamps, like coach lights on a house.

  12. Hate those spiral lights. Went to a friend’s house who had them installed in every receptacle and I was nauseated the entire time. blech.

  13. Pay attention to what you are buying. The older incandescent pretty much maxxed out at 3000-3200 K(kelvin) a warm but clean white. The common incandescent was 2700K warm / soft and near the end there were 3500 K “blue” incandescent lamps – nice in a bathroom. CFLs were all crap IMHO but LED – as long as you stay at or below 4000K (I prefer 3500K) they look good and unless you’ve bought FEIT – garbage they last pretty long good bang for the buck.

  14. I kinda like the LED bulbs, those snake coil ones suck out loud. Be sure to get the soft white ones, the daylight ones are blue.
    Have pretty much replaced all my bulbs with LED, according to the publication, they will outlast me.
    9 foot ceilings and can fixtures, if I ever have to replace them all again I will have to hire somebody, vertigo sucks.

  15. I never really cared for the twisty bulbs, but the new LEDs are nice and they’ve come down in price so much that they do save you money.

    That being said–the whole idea that the government can tell you what kind of lighbulbs you can sell and buy is bullshit. If I won the lottery I’d set up an incandescent bulb factory and sell them only within my state. Then when the feds tried to stop me I’d take it all the way to the Supreme Court.

    Of course, only if my state is still red enough at the time.

  16. I need small and hard to find incandescent bulbs for my salt lamp. The bulb heats up the salt and it emits healing negative ions. A warm salt lamp is very comforting.
    Thank you President Trump!

  17. Open
    These are fantastic replacements in can fixtures.
    Two for around $16.
    Remove old fixture and bulb
    Screw the adapter into the bulb socket
    Plug the fixture to the adapter socket
    Use the clip springs to hook into the can in the ceiling

    Low wattage but high light output
    Flush mounted finished light

  18. Do gas cans. Low flow toilets. Sarbanes Oxley!

    LEDs are workable but those compact fluorescent ones were awful.

    I kept 60s and 100s for reading but switched out LEDs for everything else. Have not had to change one out ever.

    As I recall, GE pushed for this BS. Not the governments place to regulate a product that continued to work fine for 100 years out of existence.

  19. I have over 150 75w light bulbs that I bought before you couldn’t buy them in the stores. LocoBlanco was correct: “Hoarders hardest hit….”

  20. @ Anonymous August 9, 2018 at 5:40 pm

    I didn’t feel guilty leaving a few them on when I was away for extended periods.

    What on earth is quilt inducing, unless you’re not paying your bill?

  21. Thomas Alvin Edison perfected, economically, the incandescent filament bulb to be the same ‘temperature’ ‘feel’ and look, warmth of a candle, a fire, which is innate to humans.

    Thus, lighting TODAY is measured in foot candles.

    Here is a chart for lighting levels of where you all are in the public.

    I have no LEDs or flouro’s in any common space in the house.

    There is ONE LED squirly hanging in the basement.

    @ Loco – I was a hoarder of incandescent and I am PROUD for it!

    Have one of these in the first floor and second floor terlets.


  22. That ban was under the leadership of John Boehner who started off great but really went off the rails the longer her stayed in.

  23. Buy dimmers.
    I have changed my 100 watt bulbs 3 times in 20 years in my kitchen.
    Soon you will not get the beam spread or the wattage you want from LED’s.
    LED Bulbs are ugly in lamps and sconces.

  24. Thank you, Mr. Trump! I love incandescent bulbs. ANytbing else set off a migraine. At work, i had the fluorescent bulbs removed from the ceiling over my work space. I uswd incandescent bulbs in a pretty lamp, instead.

    And i agree with Zilla. Give us back the proper propellant for asthma inhalers. Id like to see those do-gooders in Washington tightly curled up on their beds and gasping for air for lack of a decent inhaler.

  25. Please, let’s ban the mandatory low flow shower heads next!
    My powerful shower head (which is over 30 years old and has the option of multi types of spray), is so old I am afraid it will die before I do. I like the feel of a strong spray not that dribbley rain fall feel.

  26. The old lamps also were lower in cost & in some situations very energy efficient. During cool evenings in spring or fall, by turning on an extra one in the living room I didn’t need to fire up the furnace.
    I welcome back the lamps and common sense regulation.

    (and besides, I always smelled a couple of rats driving the ban from GE and Philips who’d rather sell us (ah, er, force us to buy) lights that cost several bucks than lights that cost less than a buck)


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