Cabela Target Of Gun Sale Lawsuit

In what appears to be a loophole in federal gun purchasing laws, a man bought a black powdered .44 cal. pistol and loading kit from Cabela and later murdered someone. The shooter, Paul Claren, was a man with a violent history and felony convictions, yet the sale of a black powder weapon is not prohibited by federal law, though it was prohibited by state law.

The family of the victim, Bryan Galliher, is now suing Cabela and its parent company, Bass Pro Group LLC, for damages when the corporation violated state law. More

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  1. OT

    Cali’s getting like Dodge City on a Saturday Night thanks to our Libtard Lawmakers. I have a friend of a friend that had to shoot an intruder Monday evening. He lives up the hill in a gated community. Fortunately he was warned by one of his neighbors the bad guy was outside his house. Dude had to shoot the guy in front of his wife and two young daughters. He warned the guy. He busted in anyway. Three to the chest, and the guy lived.

  2. @Bad_Brad – I’m glad the homeowner and family are OK except for the psychological hit of having to shoot an intruder.

    Three to the chest and he’s expected to survive? Dang. Do you by chance know what firearm and more specifically what ammo your friend-of-friend used?

  3. It sucks that Cabela’s is getting sued. It sounds, though, like they may have slipped up by not observing state law. In today’s atmosphere of extreme disapproval of anything gun-related I’m afraid Cabela’s may get whacked. I usually don’t like to see people/companies settle out of court but maybe this time that’s the best thing for them to do.

  4. Uncle Al
    I don’t know what the pistol was but it was 9mm hard ball. Range ammo basically. The guy carries with that stuff. Probably not anymore. The mutual friend asked him if he was trying to close the bad guys eyes and he told him he was.

  5. I was going to ask the same thing Al did. What gun/ammo was he using. I feel sorry for the guy, it would be hell to have to do that in front of your wife and kids. However, it would be even worse if the bad guy did it to him.

  6. “If a person is too violent to own a gun, then they should not be walking around in the public.”

    Exactly, Crossbows are actually easier to use than an old Black Powder Wheel gun. And just as lethal.

  7. @refuse/resist – Amen, brother! As David Codrea frequently points out, if you’re too dangerous to own a gun you shouldn’t be out in public without a keeper.

  8. @Bad_Brad – thanks for the ammo info. I carry 9mm, but it’s +p Gold Dot.

    I’m considering carrying two guns, a .357 Mag primary and my 9mm LC9s Pro backup.

  9. @Brad
    I’ve never had to shoot someone, but if I am ever in that situation I believe I would do everything possible to ensure the guy’s eyes would be permanently closed.

  10. Uncle Al

    Ditto on the Gold Dot. Occasionally some Critical Defense.

    My personal preference would be more mags instead of the second gun.

  11. There were a few failures in this story, not the least of which was Cabela’s/Bass Pro not complying with state law. The fact that this loon was out on the street is another BIG fail. He broke someone’s arm? Shot into two homes (targeting childrens’ rooms)? Choked a person? Each a felony in their own right and which should have been prosecuted in three individual trials. Add to the fact that at the time he shot up the houses, he should have been arrested/indicted for;
    a: A felon in possesion of a firearm (2 felony counts) b: Use of a firearm in the commision of a felony (2 MORE felony counts) c: Shooting into an occupied dwelling (another 2 felonies) d: Possibly attempted murder.
    I’ll be willing to bet that all of the firearms charges were dismissed or reduced to lesser charges during plea-bargaining. THAT my friends is the problem with more gun laws…we don’t demand that they enforce the existing laws. I WOULD support legislation which prohibits judges and prosecutors from dismissing or reducing current firearms laws during the plea-bargaining process. Let a jury decide.

  12. Lots of tweekers up the hill lately. Occasionally you see them down here where I live wearing everything they own on a 105 degree day. You wonder how they ended up where they’re at. And then you think, Oh yea, that Obama guy destroyed all the jobs.

  13. @Bad_Brad – I wouldn’t carry a semi-auto without at least one extra mag. My little LC9s is 7+1, and my 2nd mag holds 9. My reasons for considering carrying the .357 as primary are (a) as reliable as many semi-autos are, a revolver is even more so, and (b) full power .357 is reported by people whose judgment I trust to be more, shell we say, “threat neutralizing”.

  14. .357 is coo…. get’s heavy after a while. I mean, you carry this fuggin 5 pound weight around and you never get to shoot….anybody. I went with this gay .380 for a while.

    It’s pretty gay. Just get something normal. .38’s are still coo.

  15. Bad Brad- am thinking about buying a black powder wheel gun, this for the fun of black powder shooting.
    Any suggestions on brand or type or?

  16. Poor Lazlo

    Unfortunately I know very little about Black Powder guns. They look like they would be a lot of fun.

  17. The guy would have used something else for a weapon if he couldn’t get that gun.
    Instead of suing Cabela’s they should be trying to get black powder guns included in background check requirements.

  18. I worked at my ex-wifes gun shop for a while. Gave her Fridays off, I got good prices on stuff.
    It was funny, the black guys wanted cheap ammo, the white guys wanted the best.
    Hard ball is for targets, HP +P is for PP.
    I love alliteration.

  19. g30sf for me. 10 +1 and an extra mag. 230 grain gold dots. 2 more mags in the car center console. same basic size as a g19 (a bit thicker), but .45acp.

  20. I carry two extra mags on the belt with Bianchi leather mag holders. My only complaint with them is that damn spring on the back is ridiculously stiff. You can wear yourself out changing pants. But they are leather and a hell of lot better than those Kydex pieces of crap. Some one sent me a NeoMag holder. Good idea. Not quite sold yet.

  21. P Lazlo; Cap and Ball is addictive, but it requires old style (hot soapy water and elbow grease) for cleanup, and it must be done on a quick calender. It is exempt from federal oversight, and within the limitations inherent with the type can be very rewarding.

  22. Milo, Hot soapy water?
    I can clean my gun in the Bathtub?
    Now that is true Cowboy living!
    I’m ordering my pistolero tonight!

  23. Uncle Al: I would think long and hard about carrying 2 guns. If, in the event you ever have to defend yourself, and you are carrying 2 guns, the DA in criminal court, or the plaintiff’s attorney in civil court will try to paint you as a Rambo wannabe. Paul Harrell talks about this in several of his videos.

  24. The only way the ever shifting patchwork of King of This Acre’s laws will ever be reliable, is with a federal constitutional amendment.

  25. P Lazlo, hot soapy water is to remove the very corrosive powder residue. It will rust up to unusable in a very short time. Stainless is your friend, but not period correct. Yes i do bathe with them after shooting, i remove grips and stocks, i also bake them on low heat to ensure all the is out of the mechanisms. It sounds silly, but it works. I prefer 1858 Remington over CB colts, the top strap makes for a stronger unit, and the cylinder is swappable in the field. Your mileage may vary.


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