As Duncan Exits: Remember Who He is & Why Obama Chose Him

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Maggie’s Notebook:

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is resigning. One of the early questions about Duncan was why he and Obama weren’t shy about defending Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar,” Kevin Jennings. It was so ugly, the Washington Times apologized for having to talk about it. Duncan took the position in 2009, as did Jennings, who left in 2011.


The Obama administration is stonewalling serious inquiries about sexual filth propagated by a senior presidential appointee who is responsible for promoting and implementing federal education policy. Democrats clearly are terrified of ruffling the feathers of their activist homosexual supporters, who are an influential part of the Democratic party’s base. This scandal, however, is not merely about homosexual behavior; it is about promoting sex between children and adults – and it’s time for President Obama to make clear that abetting such illegal perversion has no place in his administration.

It is curious why White House officials and Education Secretary Arne Duncan believe it’s worth it politically to continue taking arrows for defending Kevin Jennings, who is Mr. Obama’s controversial “safe schools czar.” The evidence suggesting he is unfit to serve as a senior presidential appointee is startling and plentiful. It was revealed this week that Mr. Jennings was involved in promoting a reading list for children 13 years old or older that made the most explicit sex between children and adults seem normal and acceptable. This brought up anew Mr. Jennings’ past controversies, such as his seeming encouragement of sex between one of his high school students and a much older man as well as his praise for Harry Hay, a notorious supporter of the North American Man Boy Love Association.


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  1. …yet….he was still chosen…..with nary a protest from the repugnicans
    …why not? they’re all on the same team


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