The Rise Of #BlackLivesMatter Coincides With The Deadliest Black on Black Murder Rate in Chicago in 13 Years

GOOD JOB!!!!!!!

Great job! Ass-kicking helluva job! You guys are relevant as all hell!!!!! We should listen to everything you have to say because you’re getting results!!!

When black activists get serious, blacks listen!!!!!!

When white activists align themselves with black activists, and make the Bill Clinton “I feel your pain” face, we will see blacks lay down their guns and not shoot each other, right??


8 Comments on The Rise Of #BlackLivesMatter Coincides With The Deadliest Black on Black Murder Rate in Chicago in 13 Years

  1. Great work. It’s probably the only good work that niggers can do – that is to vote democrat, kill each other, and kill everybody else off.

    Note I didn’t say “black people”. Black people aren’t the problem. People like Ben Carson, Alan Keyes, and Thomas Sowell contribute their talents and hard work to humanity.

    The problem is ghetto niggers wiff guns. They are easy to spot, too. They be the one’s wiff they hands on they crotch holding they pants up because they too fucking stupid to use a belt.

    Keep up the good work you ghetto-fabulous porch rats!

  2. If the Libs put a stop to this by using stop and frisk or what ever, they would have much smaller “Death by Gun” numbers. And that wouldn’t be good.

  3. #BlackLivesMatter?

    What a fucking joke.

    22,000,000 aborted and thrown into dumpsters in the past 40 years, and thousands more murdered by their “bros,” and they bitch and moan about the 200 or so shot during the commissions of felonies by law enforcement.

    What a fucking joke … a bad fucking joke.

  4. It’s a win-win for the Dems. The dead guy can’t collect welfare proving the Dems are concerned about the budget, and the Dems still get the guy’s vote.


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