Arr! What Idiots They Be!


Teacher’s Plastic Sword On ‘Talk Like A Pirate Day’ Caused FOUR-SCHOOL LOCKDOWN

Avast! You just can’t be too safe these days, maties, which is why officials at a rural North Carolina school district locked down four public schools after somebody spotted an elementary school teacher dressed as a pirate.

The freebooter fracas occurred in the small town of Richlands, N.C. on International Talk Like A Pirate Day — Sept. 19 (every year). Full details concerning the lockdown have only come out this week, however, according to local ABC affiliate WCTI.

Richlands Elementary School was the first school to be locked down, just after 10 a.m., after a cafeteria staffer saw a “suspicious person.”

Specifically, explains a sheriff’s office report released Wednesday, the food service worker saw the teacher dressed up as a pirate and mistook the plastic sword part of the costume as a gun.


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  1. I’d be embarrassed to be a Tarheel at this point, if I didn’t KNOW it’s the fault of all those DAMN YANKEES relocating there!!!

    We NEVER had STOOPID like that in the ’70’s & ’80’s!


  2. This is whatcha get with degreed, self-absorbed, dumbed-down, White guilt-ridden, Gay-obsessed, Prius-driving, coexist bumper-sticker, bottled-water-drinking, granola-eating, celebrity-obsessed, Politically Correct, rainbow-plantation, smug, elitist, Xanax-disabled, Valium-dependent, mind-numbed, kumbaya-singing, functionally illiterate Leftist lunatics with the mentality of eight year-olds!
    I have “zero-tollerance” for these ridiculous “educated” dumb-schitz who couldn’t pour the piss out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel!

  3. A PLASTIC Sword.
    Were there “pirates” at the other schools, also?
    Someone needs to be embarrassed in public.

  4. We might see some educationist heads explode if we could establish a “Talk Like a Native American Day” and have teachers show up with plastic tomahawks. A weapon in the hands of a Noble White-Victimized Indigenous Person might (we can hope) lead to terminal cognitive dissonance.

  5. That sounds fun, Uncle Al. Maybe wear a head dress made from endangered pigeon feathers, too.
    Oh and may as well torture PETA, too…
    Wear every leather accessory known to fashionkind.

  6. Yar! Shiver me timbers. No real piccaroon would be let the liberal live. Dance the hempin jig, ye swine.

  7. Anyone inquire whether that “cafeteria staffer” speaka de Eeenglish as a primary language??

    Maybe she can get a job over at Homeland Scrutiny doing anal temperature ebola screenings on suspicious airline passengers…..

  8. I think that teacher has the right to carry a plastic sword. How else is he going to defend himself from an elementary school child armed with a pop tart chewed to look like a pistol?

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