Arrest Made In Louisiana Church Fires

Associated Press

Authorities said he had no known criminal record. A friend described him as an introverted animal lover who showed no animosity toward any race, and a talented, if frustrated heavy metal guitar player and singer. A fellow musician called him “a really sweet guy.”

But Holden Matthews, the white, 21-year-old son of a Louisiana sheriff’s deputy, was behind bars Thursday, accused of torching three century old African American church during a 10-day period in and around Opelousas. The city of 16,000 people was set on edge by blazes, which evoked memories of civil rights terrorism. More

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  1. A couple days ago the articles I read pertaining to this idiot described his musical tastes were in Death Metal. Why the change?

  2. “…investigators were still looking into whether the fires were ‘bias motivated.'” WTF? No, they were “hate motivated,”
    hatred of God, Church, and Country. He is not alone in this world. Lots of crazies out there. I’ll bet there were many hints over the years that this guy was not playing with a full deck. Just my opinion.

  3. “And the media will link him to DJT in 3…2…1..”

    Chances are, there’s good evidence linking him leftist radical groups, which made blaming Trump problematic. This story is many days old. We’d have already been hammered with the “white nationalist domestic terrorist” narrative, if they’d been able to cobble one together.

  4. I like good music of all most all flavors
    but metal,death metal and head banger crap
    is of Satan.Ever see Ronny James Dio ???

  5. Had it been any other race, all we would have read was: A 21 year old man from Opelousas…

    Ann Coulter has mentioned this double standard many times. The federal government won’t even provide statistics on how many prisoners in federal prisons are Hispanics.

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