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Assault & Twerkery

gas station assault twerk


Victim of twerking attack at DC gas station speaks out.

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  1. That’s called DC foreplay from two obvious hookers.

    Tell them you’re gay and pull off… in your car.
    Pull away in your car.
    Get away in your car.
    Never mind.

  2. He said they might have been transvestites, as if that’s a bad thing.

  3. I cannot get the video to work and I’m ashamed to admit I tried to watch it! ew

  4. He’s worried about getting shot by a pimp, now he has to worry about getting shot by the prostitutes and the pimp. He should have just bought his stuff and left. It’s obvious that he resisted. Now officers, go hunt down some muzzies that want to kill us all!

  5. Kinda surprised he wasn’t more concerned about being murdered by the cops … y’know, the bruthuhs just gots all kinda love, and shit – #BlackLiesMatter!

  6. Yeah, not sure claiming you are gay would be the best advice in this case. That could backfire, since he suspected they might be transvestites.

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