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EPA Admits New Biofuel Standard Will Be Costly

On November 30th, the Environmental Protection Agency is expected to raise the amount of ethanol to be incorporated into the nation’s fuel supply to 17.4 billion gallons.


Blend Wall

Not only will this break the “blend wall,” but even the EPA predicts it will cost the economy between $118 to $595 million.



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  1. And countless gas powered yard tools collectively yelled across America, “OH?!!!”

  2. We used to be able to get 100% gasoline at the local country mark co-op. The EPA finally caught on a few years ago.

    My SUV gas mileage per gallon was 15% higher on pure gas. So on the ethanol blend I actually use more gas per mile. I guess the possibility of engine damage, higher food prices and poor performance is just an additional benefit of “polluting ” the environment in the name of alternative fuels.

  3. What the hell is wrong with these people? Knowingly mandating the use of a product that will cause engine damage to millions of people already in a GD recession is lunacy. Am I supposed to shit out a new engine for my truck?

    I hope that our Gov, Abbot, refuses to implement this bullshit. It’s about the states started to assert their true Constitutional authority. I don’t know what good a letter will do but I’m going to send him one. This government in DC is out of control.

    No one elected these EPA bureaucrats. Even if Trump is elected, they will remain in place, hiding in the bloodstream of this country like a herpes virus, silently waiting for the next REgressive administration to unleash more madness.

    They must be cauterized.

  4. Anything to weaken America! Of course it’s more expensive. How else are they going to break the back of Capitalism?
    Common sense would tell you that rather than jeopardizing our economy, our engines and way of life, let the other countries on the planet come up to our standards. We’ve cleaned up our air and water. It’s their turn and all the technology is free!
    But then how do you make sense of anything when yer living in the Obamaville agenda where the Truth doesn´t matter and things are being run by a bunch of dumbed-down, Xanax-disabled, self-absorbed, spoon-fed, celebrity-obsessed, COEXIST bumper-sticker, Politically Correct, perpetually offended, fat, angry, ugly, binky sucking, Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Trans-sexual, Trans-vestite, mentally ill “victims” constantly blubbering about White Privilege and their racist, bigoted cronies!

  5. Another wonderful life-unenhancing measure brought to you by libtards.

  6. It costs more to add the ethanol than pump straight gas. And now we’ll burn even more food. Those ba$tard$ won’t stop till they make everyone else as miserable as they are.

  7. How about a class-action suit, not against the EPA but against the bureaucrats personally, to pay for the engine damage done to tens of millions of Americans?

  8. My 4 cycle Honda mower works, but I have to get $6 a quart Truefuel at Lowe’s for my trimmer to work.
    It would be great if we could remove the corn alcohol subsidy and requirement for this mix. However, Iowa is one of the first primary states so, coming out against this would cost an Iowa loss.

  9. You don’t need to shit out a new engine, you simply need to make modifications to your fuel injection, fuel pump, fuel pressure device, fuel filter, ignition system, evaporative system, fuel tank, and catalytic converter. Your fuckulater (aka carburetor) was already modified to burn E10. Nice, eh?

  10. Cruz said, IN IOWA, that he would eliminate ethanol subsidies.

  11. And the beat goes on

    Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain

    that’s all statists know

  12. Im so tired of being ruled by mentally retarded fuckheads.

  13. marleenna1959 I like your thinking, sue the EPA in order to pay for a couple million motor replacements!

  14. On our trip to the southwest a few months ago, we noticed that the car ran smoother, gas was cheaper and we got much better gas mileage. Guess why?

    Yup. And there were some stations that had very low ethanol blend. That sure was pleasant.

  15. The Left has lost its mind. On the one hand, they worry about world hunger, yet they scream for more ethanol in fuel. They worry about hawks, eagles and falcons becoming extinct, yet they scream for “wind and solar” replacement of fossil fuels and nuclear, which would require 25-32 MILLION more bird-killing windmills.

    When do they finally just consume themselves so the rest of us can just move on?

  16. Corn’s fer makin moonshine not fuel.

    It’s past due to start a RICO conspiracy investigations of the feds for their many plots against the Constitution and the people;

    driving up fuel and food prices via their ethanol program , various methods to get people hooked on & addicted to various government programs resulting in them becoming lazy lay-about parasites,

    allowing executive branch agencies rules to have the power of law, when legally laws are only to originate by the Congress, be voted on and signed into law by the president, law should not originate from the the Executive and go into effect without being approved by elected officials who you vote for or against, etc.

  17. “million” ?!!! Don’t you mean — $118 to $595 Billion.

  18. DIESEL!…a properly injected diesel engine with a turbo will get amazing fuel mileage….that’s why the EPA just stood on the throats of Volkswagon for making them…Plus the engine will last 200 to 300,000 miles and that’s why the oil industry, the corn lobby and the car makers are all in on ethanol…

  19. Somebody help me out, here … I keep going through my copy of the Constitution, and damned if I can find any authorization for the Feds to MANDATE anything about gasoline.

    Took a disingenuous and convoluted path to get from 1789 to here.

  20. This is way late to the post…it just came to me as I have a short attention span and people might not read it, but guess how all of the corn is grown, harvested and distributed…DIESEL!…tractors, trains and trucks….didn’t Steve Martin do a movie about that…LOL….fuck, I’m angry now….I need a caption contest or some late night DJ…

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