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Attention Hipsters:

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  1. What kind of men follow “fashion?”

    When you’re 15 and want to “fit in” and “get laid” it’s one thing, but after 18 or so … c’mon!

  2. OMG yes! There were hordes of these dufuses at last nights hockey game. Drinking beer and not paying attention to what was happening on the ice. Skinny jeans, lumberjack beards and iPhones…so manly.

    I’d like to see how tough they’d be after getting slammed into the boards just once. “Waaaah! He hit me!”

  3. Feeling unwelcome to join the rest of the family at the Thanksgiving feast in his present attire, he fashions his hair to at least look like his bicycle helmet.

  4. I live in Florida and am used to seeing outdoor working guys with mullets frequently. That hair style makes sense in our climate: no dripping hair in your face, and no sun on your neck.

    That said, mullets are indeed truly ugly.
    Practical, but ugly.

  5. Guy on the right reminds me of all the “Persian,” guys I wouldn’t dance with back in the 80’s. Guy on left looks like faggified ISIS.
    A mi me no me gusta!

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