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It’s the Final Meltdown

Hillary campaign staffers are reported to be desperately trying to redirect her anger away from them and at Republicans before their candidate losses it in front of the cameras.



Her 10 point drop among Democrats this last week would lead one to conclude that an ugly public tantrum may be in the offing, especially if the debate on Tuesday goes poorly for her.



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  1. Unless she jumps off a bridge or eats a couple of pounds of rat poison, we’re never gonna be rid of her.

    She’s an evil version of the Plague Bacillus.

  2. But, at least it was a SPONTANEOUS meltdown, not like everything else of hers that is planned, researched, and programmed.

  3. It would be worth watching the debate if there is going to be a melt down. However, I’m sure the candidates will get soft ball questions prefaced with words of love and support.

  4. i am so happy that the dnc put their money on hillary after what will be 8-year obama disaster

    they are finding themselves in a perfect storm

    they had their chance and failed miserably

    i think it’s called karma

  5. I’d like to hear/read just how her campaign staff try to explain just how it is the the drop in Dem support is the fault of the Reps.

    I wonder when the Dem Party junta will give H-Rod up as a lost cause and throw that mama off the train.

  6. She bribed that dude on the Benghazi committee to lie and obfuscate..after he got fired for trying to harpoon MobyHill..then she screams this is politically driven…see????? stupid fat-assed syphilitic harpy Shrillary …go away take partypants Willie Jeffy with you, and NEVER come back…do NOT leave horsefaced Chelly behind. Americans are DONE with your lot….

  7. Why is that the DNC establishment and the GOPe both push the the worst presidential candidates to the top?

    Simple screwed up thinking? Outside shadow power brokers? Or some other cause?

  8. Used to be they would stay there between comments, now they don’t. I just figure it’s related to the lack of the edit function, which also disappeared.


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