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Intestinal Exorcism

Irony alerts me that Geezerish put a link to some hilarious Amazon reviews of Sugar Free Gummy Bears, and the “laxative” effect they have for some people, in the comments.

Awhile back we featured The LA BEAST, a guy who accepts eating challenges from viewers. The guy is hysterical, and one of his challenges was the Gummy Bear. Watch as he eats the entire 5 pound bag.

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 2.57.31 PMvideo

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  1. I had to bookmark the amazon review page in my humor folder so I can read all of them when time permits. Some comedy gold there cor sure.

  2. “May God have mercy on my insides.”

    That’s why he gave us brains. You read the reviews. You called down the holy fire of shit blasts onto yourself. Suffer, you fool!

    I sent some selected reviews from Amazon about these gummy bears last year to my 90 year old Mom. I think she is still laughing.

  3. I was dumbfounded to read that the manufacturer raised the price on these things because so many people wanted to try it for themselves.

    Just because other people have written hilarious product reviews doesn’t mean that if you use the same product you are going to have an enjoyable experience.

    But I could understand people purchasing these as a revenge weapon.

    I hope no one hands them out to trick-or-treaters this year. That would be unoriginal and evil.

  4. what the heck. I copied and pasted the link for the 150 chicken mcnugget one. 3.9 million views. He’s internet famous for doing stupid stuff.

    Never mind. Sorry for crapping on the thread. Don’t know what’s wrong.

  5. Me too, and I had to learn the hard way. I ate a small bag of SF Jelly Bellies and spent hours off and on on the toilet. The Mooche should have those twisters outlawed.

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