Audio reveals tense confrontation between Warren and Sanders

Audio reveals tense confrontation between Warren and SandersIn an exchange caught on CNN’s microphones after the Democratic presidential primary debate, Elizabeth Warren ac…

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  1. good grief … I’ve seen better arguments in Second Grade

    ‘you’re a liar’, ‘no, you’re a liar’, ‘am not’, ‘am too’ …
    naunt ah’, (sticks tongue out) ‘phblibbbbbb’

    btw, loved the suck-up by Steyer … what a putz

  2. Political theater.
    They’ll run as a team after the convention.

    “BS and the Wooden Indian!”
    “BS and EW!” (as in “ewwwwww!”)

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. So Warren further demonstrates she has no control over her emotions and reacts wildly and impulsively and yet she is a dem front runner and Trump is the devil.
    Bernie was right (as much as that pains me to say that ever!) not the time or place for that conversation. That isn’t someone you want to give power to.

  4. It was a set up from the get go. CNN instructed her to confront Bernie after the debate so they could catch the confrontation and (they hoped) cause Bernie damage if he blew up at her.

    If I were Bernie I would never have a private conversation with Warren again. Always have someone else present and a recording device so she can’t lie later when it serves her purposes.

  5. Doc T is right. This wasn’t a hot mic. This was CNN interfering in our sacred electoral process again against Sanders.

    They went after him all night, accused him of being a misogynist, followed up with Warren while ignoring what he just said to ask her why he’s a misogynist and then, at the end, kept a live camera in both of them, zooming in and panning while Warren showed she was a Strong Woman confronting him. As the camera stayed centered on both of them and then panned right while keeping them in the center frame.

    Just like when Donna Brazile leaked the questions to Clinton in advance so she could rehearse her hot take.


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