Australian Woman Gets The Syrian Experience She Craved

An Australian moron went to Raqqa to live with a terrorist. She brought along her children.

The husband was killed. He was a great guy. He was the one who said, “that’s my boy” after a picture of his young son holding a severed head went viral.

Things didn’t go well for the Australian moron. She had an appendicitis attack. Because she was in the armpit of the anus of the world she ended up dying because taking out an appendix is like a brain transplant in Syria.

Good times.

The orphaned children are still stuck in Raqqa because it’s too dangerous to extract them.

They say it’s as dangerous as letting a Muslim take out your appendix.

12 Comments on Australian Woman Gets The Syrian Experience She Craved

  1. If the kids are white they will be sold to a Saudi.
    If they are brown they will be fitted with a bomb belt.
    Sux either way.


  2. So, the take away here is that Syria needs more terrorists to replace the dead ones?

    Doesn’t Europe have millions of them, recently imported, to spare? We probably do as well.

  3. No sympathy for the mom, she was an adult, she got everything she deserved. I hope her death was painful.
    But I feel sorry for the children. They didn’t, and don’t, deserve what’s happening to them.

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