Project Veritas – Rampant Voter Fraud in New Hampshire

This is an absolute joke —

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  1. Soooooo bring in bus-loads of Parasites from only God knows where and you get the results you want. Welcome to the New democRat Communism where it’s not the voter that counts, but who counts the votes… That and all the free disinformation and deceit they can jam up yer ass in the process!

  2. …& we wonder how Europe turned into Eurabia?

    demonRAT agenda to ‘fundamentally transform America’ in full display….

    welcome to the Brave New World Comrade … now, get in line

  3. It makes one ponder if AIDS and abortion are meant to be the antidote to counter to the liberal disease. Is the answer right before our eyes and we have been undoing it by trying to cure them?

  4. It would have been funny if the number of fraudulent voters for Hillary outnumbered the entire population of New Hampshire.

    “Hillary wins with 165% of the vote. Again!”

  5. What O’Keefe should have done to the Bernie girl was to place her and her friends under citizens arrest! Then go to the election commission and show them the evidence! That broad was from Massachusetts and those %*^&Y$(%&^%*& play that way all the time.

    I know, I screwed several of them!

  6. Cheating has been going on for decades.
    If the person said they wanted to vote for Trump they would have
    called the cops.
    My mother saw this in the 80’s as a poll watcher.
    Nobody cared

  7. Hillary does have the primary in the bag, technically, with the “superdelegates” stuff.

    but she has to do well with the popular vote because she has to get the excitement and buzz like 0bama did.

    This partly because of her ego and partly because of the massively pissed off Right Wing.

    If she keeps tanking against Bernie it won’t matter if she scams the superdelegates.

    The DNC will have to choose either to commit political suicide and nominate Hillary and hope the nationwide fraud machine will get her over the top, or pick someone else that will toe the line and also get elected.

    It won’t be Bernie, he is a true believer. Even though he SAYS basically the right things he actually believes them and they can’t have that. He’s 180 from Trump, and would wreck the establishment’s game too.

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