Babylon Bee: General Milley Rewrites “Art of War”

Sun Tzu gets the Bee treatment thanks to the Chair of the Joint Chief of Staff, Generally Mark Milley. Watch

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  1. Lix Cheney is whining about Trump on 60 Minutes like the lying crap that she is.

    The real reason she is upset is that Daddy was not going to make any money for her with either Trump or Biden Pulling out of Af-Crapistan.

    She wants to get in and find Halliburton some new customers. Milley is just another fucking bootlick looking for post duty paydays.

  2. I wish that it was possible for me to laugh at Babylon Bee’s treatment of Mark Milley.


    Full stop.

    That unibrow, overfed, overweight Washington swamp rat has gotten good men and women killed.

    He isn’t even smart enough to do the honorable thing and resign in disgrace.

    He needs to be forcibly removed and cast onto the streets. Let the people deal with him.

    Not laughing.

  3. 64$ question.
    Name the degenerate liberal who gave this Ronny hater his flag, and then added stars.

    HInt. He let us all know 2 weeks ago he still hates Ronny!
    #2. He gave the Ronny hater Auw\stin his flag and then added stars!

  4. Correction on monolog at the end of this video:
    It shouldn’t be “from a hero to a zero”.
    Correct phrase is “never hero, always zero”.


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