Ban On Eating Dogs & Cats BLOCKED in the UK Because it Might OFFEND East Asians

Hey, I have a legitimate word to coin, unlike the bs word homophobia. (No one is “afraid” of homosexuals.)

It’s offensophobia. The left suffers from it. They have this intense fear of offending sub-cultures.

Summit News-

After a bill was drawn up to make possession of dog or cat meat illegal in the UK, civil servants stepped in to halt the move.

Tory MP Giles Watling was later told that the main reason the Ministry of Justice blocked the bill was over fears it would be seen as “culturally insensitive” to dictate to other countries what they could eat, despite the fact that it would have no impact whatsoever on South-East Asian countries where dog and cat meat is consumed.

“Dogs are our companion animals. We do not eat them, and that is a very important message to send to the rest of the world,” said Watling

“It’s not culturally insensitive because we’re not telling them what to do – we’re just telling them what we do,” he added, noting that he was “surprised” by the MoJ’s objection.


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  1. hmmm … maybe … move to England & start up a dog ranch … $$$

    “Keep movin’, movin’, movin’,
    though they’re disapproving,
    Keep them doggies rollin’, Rawhide!
    Don’t try to understand them,
    Just rope and throw and brand ’em,
    Soon we’ll be living high and wide!”

  2. you muzzfuggs shall not invade my country and abuse my women and eat my pets. It’s no more complicated than that.
    Get the hell out and take your whores with you. The rashidas and the ilhans. Get the fuggouddahere.

  3. Monty Python tall guy with mustache enters home:

    “Good evening dear, I’m famished for a nosh. Whats for suppers?”

    Short dark haired monty python guy in a dress:

    “oh its dreadful, nothing but schnauzer at the grocers today.”

    “What? No pekineses?”

    “naw, it’s just schnauzer today luv”

    Plops down puppies on plate. Puppies run around everywhere.

    “A bit on the raw side…..”

    “”Well, they cut the gas off today as well….”


  4. Ya know what’s slow moving, slow thinking, easy targets laden with fatty goodness?


    Eat them.

    Vegans aren’t too tasty, but they stay crunchy in milk.

  5. Sick depraved bastards…
    Cats and dogs are NOT like cattle or chickens. They have been specifically bred as COMPANIONS for humanity for thousands of years.

    It is inhumane and EVIL to eat them.
    But especially so in nations where we NEVER ate them in the first place.

    The western countries don’t eat pets because we aren’t barbarians and murderers. Why in the name of GOD do they placate literal puppy and kitten killers?


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