Barr reassigns Warden in Epstein Investigation

This is not insignificant. Barr must have found troubling irregularities.

ht/hot salsa

10 Comments on Barr reassigns Warden in Epstein Investigation

  1. This is an empty, meaningless move. Until trash like Lois Lerner (just an example) is paying a price for her unAmerican activities whatever happens to a lowly prison warden is like water off a duck.

  2. @Anonymous

    Yeah, not holding my breath.
    I’ll believe it when I see some criminals of the “protected class” go to prison.

  3. She never rose to that position through merit in the first place why would anyone expect the facility to be managed properly. Among corrupt cities, NY is a shining jewel of leftist insanity.
    “Abandon all hope Ye who enter here.”

  4. If I were investigating something really bad about an employee, you bet your bottom dollar I don’t keep giving him the opportunity to cover his tracks or do more.

  5. I bet this investigation will just fade away. Within 2 days, we will all have moved on to the next disturbing thing in the news cycle.


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