Batwoman show low rated because, TOXIC FAN CULTURE!

Social Justice Warriors Blame ‘Toxic Fan Culture’ for Audiences Rejecting LGBT TV Show Batwoman.

BLP: The ratings for CW’s new feminist TV show Batwoman have already cratered in just its second week on the air.

The “woke” program lost about one-third of its initial audience from its premiere in its second episode that aired on Sunday night. The show posted a very low 0.3/1 rating with only 1.5 million viewers tuning in, as CW came in dead last of any major network in the ratings.

Social justice warriors are already blaming “toxic fan culture” for the immense unpopularity of the show. Commentator David Opie of Digital Spy pointed to user reviews on Rotten Tomatoes as evidence of trolls undermining the show’s admirable messaging. read more

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  1. …everyone’s just waiting to tune in for the gripping episode where Rachel Maddow admits he’s a guy who is secretly in love with President Trump, and that’s what makes it turn into a supervillan, “The Tax Returner”…

  2. Wokeness is what makes Star Trek Discovery unwatchable. Lead female character is named, Michael. African American which makes no difference to me if she was well written but she’s not. Has a god complex, all other characters defer to her opinion, including the Captain. 9 out of 10 characters in authority positions are female or gay or both. Mr. Illustr8r and I got through both seasons but aren’t sure we’ll watch the third. Tired of playing ‘spot the woke’ when we just want to see some sci fi!

  3. Yeah Homophobia not the fact they are taking a classic sexy character and remaking her as a butch lesbian. Some things don’t need to be re-imagined. Ghost Busters with obnoxious liberal women in another example.

  4. Remember when Netflix (or was it Amazon?) changed their rating system after the tidal wave of negative reviews of Amy Schumer? Watch Rotten Tomatoes and IMBD to change theirs now.

  5. ” … as evidence of trolls undermining the show’s admirable messaging. ”

    Maybe I’m a weirdo or something, but I watch shows because they’re entertaining, not because they’re “messaging”.

  6. “toxic fan culture”

    To use a biological analogy, it sounds like putting your TV audience in a petri dish and then when their criticisms fill up the dish and overflow, toxifying your stupid Left-wing, TV laboratory, you get upset.


  7. How can the fan culture be toxic if its written by and for LGBTKSDKHDUKGDKU? Aren’t they all watching to support the effort? I guess there are only 1.5 million queers after all.

  8. I’m surprised the woke critics that control the critics score at Rotten Tomatoes hasn’t done away with the Audience Score. The Audience Score is a direct threat to advancing their woke agenda. Then again, it’ll probably happen in the near future, just as all the progressive blogs have disabled commenting. Agree with them or be silenced!

  9. Any works of art or writing in the times of oppressive regimes tend to be hollow and glorifying the current ideology….

    They don’t tend to wind up on the must see or read list

  10. Gad, the vastness of this conspiracy..
    ’twas Toxic Fan Culture that killed New Coke!
    And Manimal!
    And Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure, the series!

    And Gigli

  11. We’ve got a plan! A business plan! Right here, in Rivercity!

    Just give a few millions of other people’s money. We’re gonna’ put it all in one, just this ONE, sculpture. It’ll look like a food cart. Like they’ve got in New York! But it’ll be concrete & steel. So it can’t be (re)moved.

    Can you see it? Can you dream it!? All BLTs! All the time! Right outside the only synagogue in town! Ka-freakin’-ching!

  12. Get Soros’ to fund an independent station and put LGBTRSILMTUV programming on there exclusively for all the sexual deviants and Democrats (maybe the same thing) to watch and leave the other stations for normal people!

  13. “Batwoman is so heavy-handed with its agenda that it even hired far-left MSNBC propagandist Rachel Maddow for a role on the show, despite her lack of acting experience.”

    Not true!

    (S)he acts EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

    (S)he pretends to be intelligent, fair-minded, and a woman!

  14. Between the lesbo Batwoman’s side-eye sneering, cringe worthy sexual tension “encounters” with other women, and awful plot/acting, this show is a train wreck – completely unwatchable. Could only stand 15 minutes of viewing.
    The actress playing Batwoman in this adaptation is …you guessed it, lesbian. .

  15. Supergirl had a foster earth family sister who was a lezzie and turned Jimmy Olson to a black dude.
    Gotham had Jim Gordon’s girlfriend leave him for his female police captain. Also Penguin 🐧 had a live interest in the Riddler.
    All shows have at least one homo character.
    Communist goal #26.

  16. Ya’ll should give up watching TV. It’s a vast wasteland, as some TV executive said back in the 1960’s. It’s gotten far worse since then, and will get far worse in the future.

  17. geez … am I so out of touch I don’t even know what ‘CW’ network is?

    nah … I just don’t GAS

  18. Now fiction is being written for the realty of the actor.
    Must make the Clinton’s so proud of the MSM rewriting history for them for the past 28 years.

  19. My TV died in 1998, or 1999. I never replaced it. It was one of those massive console CRTs with wood and faux silk speaker covers that most millennials have only seen on TV.

    Anyway, TV sucked even back then with the push for putting queers and stupid white people into every sitcom. White people were always stupid — queers were always angelic, thoughtful, and intelligent. Don’t even get me started on “The Wise Janitor” bullshit (although I always thought highly of Mr T).

  20. Illustr8r, I feel your pain.
    I couldn’t get thru the first season- and I come from a family that loved TNG and TOS. It’s ridiculous, but I cannot stomach it.

    Batwoman was always gunna be WOKE, but they COULD have tried to actually write a decent story. The bat family in general has great supporting characters and settings. Too bad the writers are all clearly wacko ass lesbian feminist fetishists. :l


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