Venezuela Lawmaker Blasts Bernie, Dares Him To Try Socialism Without His Bodyguards

WJ: A member of the Venezuelan National Assembly, now in exile, encouraged Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont to visit the South American country without bodyguards if he truly wants to understand what President Nicolás Maduro has done to the socialist nation.

Assemblyman José Guerra was asked in an interview with PJ Media’s Nicholas Ballasy what he thought of politicians like Sanders, who had declined last spring to refer to Maduro as a dictator. (The senator has since conceded that Maduro is.)

“Maybe they misunderstand what is going on in Venezuela. It’s a dictatorship. There’s no power separation … and more than 400 political prisoners that have been prosecuted like me. It’s a new dictatorship,” Guerra said in the interview, which was uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday.

“Those people should go to Venezuela and live in Venezuela for a couple of weeks in order to have a very good picture of what is going on in Venezuela. I suggest that — go to Venezuela.” READ MORE

6 Comments on Venezuela Lawmaker Blasts Bernie, Dares Him To Try Socialism Without His Bodyguards

  1. Wouldn’t matter, all socialist dreamers envision themselves in charge and therefore everything would be jolly-jim-dandy.

  2. The image of Bernie getting hit in the face by the boxing bag comes to mind. I’m not sure he could even arrange the trip details, let alone survive the travel. A cardiac surgeon and a traveling MASH unit would have to accompany him.

  3. All Democrat candidates, politicians or moguls who support increased regulations or outright elimination of the 2nd Amendment should not be allowed to have armed body guards (or be armed themselves)in public or private settings!


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