Beach Blanket Bozo

Patriot Retort: Monday will mark nine months of the Joe Biden presidency. And this weekend marks the 17th weekend Joe Biden has spent in Delaware. Joe left the White House at noon on Friday for yet another trip to his vacation home in Rehoboth Beach.

One can hardly blame him for wanting to run and hide. This week, like so many weeks before it, brought a cascade of bad news for Beach Blanket Biden.

For the first time in almost nine months, Biden’s approval numbers for his handling of COVID dropped below 50%. But that’s what happens when you decide to target the unvaccinated and pit American against American. Anyone with a single working brain cell could’ve predicted that Joe’s COVID approval would plummet — which may explain why nobody in the White House predicted it.

These are the guys who didn’t predict that the Taliban would overthrow the Afghan government even as the Taliban was preparing to enter Kabul. more here

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  1. That pic of him on the beach in SPEEDOS is causing me to upchuck my dinner and losing my eyesight. Getting very blurry very fast.

  2. BTW, speaking of this feckless, dickless idiot, the economic house of Biden cards is about to crumble. Hang in for a wild week and beyond as his so-called advisors try to navigate thru this tidal wave.

    It’ll be fun to watch. Hope you’re all rich and flexible enough to absorb the giant dildo that is about to be shoved up our ass.


  3. Since his visitor log is top secret, it would be nice if we had a curious free press that would keep his vacation home under surveillance so we knew who was coming and going.

  4. “Anyone with a single working brain cell”
    And yet here we are.
    With the self appointed royalty, ruling over the sheep.

  5. The failures and missteps of this administration have been coming hot and heavy since January. Of course what we might consider failures and missteps, the controlling elites consider succeeding in the complete takeover by the administrative state….woodrow wilson would be proud.

  6. At least there aren’t pictures of Bug-Out Biden dancing on the beach with Jill during a “private moment” reminiscent of another couple to nauseate the nation again.


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