Gay RuPaul Has Message at Emmys… you kids out there watching, you have a tribe that’s waiting for you, we’re waiting for you baby

RuPaul Tells kids: “And for you kids out there watching, you have a tribe that’s waiting for you—we’re waiting for you baby, come on to Mama Ru”

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  1. I remember hanging around RuPaul when he was prancing around the Celebrity Club on Ponce de Leon in Atlanta in 1986, wearing a giant diaper and combat boots. He’s metastasized from a harmless freak into a satanic minion. Sometimes I look back on my misspent youth and wonder how I escaped complete degeneration, much less received salvation. There’s hope for him yet.

  2. To those willing to let Hitlary’s ‘village’ raise your children,
    behold, before your eyes are the Village People.

  3. There’s no hope for him. In fact, he doesn’t deserve to live long enough to receive salvation. The damage he, and others like him are doing is incalculable.

  4. The new Cinderella on Amazon is Latina, the fairy godmother is Bill Porter (and he’s the Fabulous Godmother) and the story (gathered from the endless promotion on Prime) is that ‘Rella is torn between her Prince and her career as a dress designer. Can she have both?

    Don’t know how it turns out but everything is reimagined in an equitable way. Yay for humanity.

  5. I’m confused?
    Do they want young transvestites or do they want trans-women?

    I’m guessing they want little boys to only dress as girls but keep their tiny junk so this evil, retarded freak can molest them?

  6. Fraudulent elections have consequences.
    Tolerating usurping perverts has consequences.
    If “the price of freedom is eternal vigilance” then we have been asleep too long.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. They’re getting more open about making pedophiles a “protected” class. Also proving what some of the former child stars have been trying to tell us for years. Hollywood is a bunch of pedophiles.
    The cheering was proof.

  8. Satanic minions are rampaging all over the earth now hunting for children.

    Satan prefers just to murder them in the womb, but if they survive to be born he seeks to corrupt their souls and use them for sexual deviance.

    One of Lucifers great rewards is innocent children to kill, and rape.

    That is why the borders are open they get the adults to vote and steal the children.

    They have already purposely list track of hundreds of thousands of children.

    This is all by design.

    Satan runs our government.

  9. @Thirdtwin: Difference between you being saved and Gay RuPaul (whom I’ve never heard of), you were salvageable and Gay RuPaul isn’t. I think that’s the way it’s going to be. You’re given many opportunities to be a believer, we have choices and we believe God has a plan for us. Like some who lived in Sodom and Gommarrah, they were given an opportunity to change. I believe there were only 3 people who made it out alive. Many are called but few are chosen.

  10. If God existed, he would strike down each any every one of these abomniations seeking to harm children.

    But, since he doesn’t – they are on their own because their “parents” are otherwise occupied.

  11. Name me just one of the four private citizens who was part of the SpaceX crew that just spent three days in space.

    Now name me one transvestite.

    There’s the problem. Our society has elevated the peculiar above the exceptional. This is why we are seeing a generation full of tattoos, piercings, dyed hair and non-binary sexual orientations, and virtually no achievements.

  12. You Mr. Pete Buttigieg, may I call you Mr. Butthole, you sir win the Internets for Today, with your comment. This Bud’s for you!


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