Another Trudeau Blackface Photo Emerges


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  1. What is with these libs all having pictures taken of them with wild looks on their face, and sticking their tongues out as far as they can? Is that like a signal of satanism or something?

  2. My brother went to a Halloween party in college dressed as Buckwheat with a giant afro. He looked funny as shit.
    Then he became an indoctrinated leftist by the University of Cincinnati leftist professors and now denies it ever happened even though we have pictures.
    Yet I am supposedly the racist since I’m a conservative…

  3. Technically, he will say that that is another image of one of the 3 admitted incidents he already admitted to.

    He shared that behavior with all white people blaming years of systematic racism. So I’m apparently guilty because I’m a Honkie who lived totally differently than him.

    Thanks asshole!

  4. During Halloween, I’ve dressed as Batman, Robin, Joker, Captain Jack Sparrow among many things…yet I’ve never even considered adorning black-face.

    Evidently it’s a leftist fantasy to be black & mock blacks all at the same time.

  5. Looks to me as though he is depicting a demented Sambo…

  6. Every time I see this sissy it reminds me of the original episode on Star Trek “The Squire Of Gothos” and Trelane the spoiled man-child.

  7. Unfortunately, he might be re-elected.
    I doubt there is enough fight in Canada anymore.
    Even their conservatives are promising vaccine passports, for example.

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