Bear mace waterboarding challenge

You heard me. Bear mace waterboarding challenge.

Bear Mace Water boarding Challenge for veteran suicide awareness challenge performed by my kids as revenge for the ALS nomination.

[h/t Bad_Brad for the site link]

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  1. MJA, I’m still exploring too. These guys have some potential. I’m under the impression they have some dollars behind them. They have a big ass building with a nice sign. That’s gotta mean something, right?
    Regardless, bookmarked and followed every day.
    PS, found an Israeli tactical commerce sight today with lots of half naked JAPS. That was cool. They are hot.

  2. I’ve been told (and so believe) that bear mace is not as powerful as the mace you would use against a city thug. Why? Bears have more sensitive sniffers than people, and so it doesn’t take as much capsicum strength to get them to turn aside.

  3. Several years ago a couple of older scouts were, um, playing with a canister of bear mace in their tent. The canister was punctured. Several people in the vicinity suffered vomiting, the two in the tent were blinded for quite some time. From what I heard second-hand it was pretty miserable. Only a stupid person would play with bear mace – and yes, these two scouts definitely fit that description.
    They are all fine now, even graduated from college!

  4. Looks like has worked around youTube.

    If they can do this, so can others. YouTube rejects, harasses, demonetizes, and expels conservatives enough to make something happen and leave YT in the dust.

    Advertisers will make the difference. There’s a lot of solid sale wherever conservatives go.

    More entertained by that thought than another version of Jackass, (I just don’t get pleasure out of other people’s pain, completely at odds with being a protector) but I’m grateful I went there to see the site. Bookmarked.


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