Top you off, hun?

Daily Caller: The Robots are coming and they’re here to take your coffee order.

Three college friends with a passion for caffeine and robots decided to open up their own coffee shop where the coffee is warm, but the baristas are not. Instead, a robotic arm at this California cafe crafts your caffeine-laden beverage exactly to your specifications. From a simple latte to the most complex order, your half-caff, double-foam, triple pump vanilla syrup will come out exactly right every time.  more here

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  1. Does using a vending machine count as interacting with a robot? The machine at the hospital makes several types of coffee and cocoa suited to the taste.

  2. frankly, the best cup of coffee is made fresh, w/ fresh grounds … from Bob Evans to 7-11 … (Mickey D’s has always sucked)
    my coffee maker these days is a Keurig Vue (no longer made, of course) …. any type of ‘foo-foo’ I want is a touch of a button & an addition k-cup (& a whisk) …. I prefer regular w/ one sugar substitute … strong! (yes, you can do that w/ a Vue because it adds extra pressure, like an Expresso machine … did I mention that they were no longer made?) … & I use regular, or Funkin’ Gonuts French Vanilla, fresh-ground from Safeway

    … & I can write my own name on the cup if I like

  3. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ- I actually don’t mind McDonald’s coffee.I like it better than Dunkin and Starbucks. Starbucks is way too bitter for my taste. Lately I’ve been drinking Gevalia.
    And I’ll cut a fool who writes on one of my Pioneer Woman mugs!!! 😀

  4. ” I actually don’t mind McDonald’s coffee.”
    I did that shit for a week. 3 out of the five i’m pretty sure they gave me the suds they were washing the coffee pots with.Star Bucks Pikes is the best coffee I’ve ever had. Hooked. Period, end of story. BTW, their original. Not saying I agree with their social re engineering. PS, I wear a gun there every day. No sign on the door.

  5. @MJA ~ good for you on McD’s swill … myself, I have NEVER enjoyed one cup EVER from the Rainbow Inn … (lucky, I guess) I’d rather order a crap-assed diet coke w/ breakfast

    … to each his/her own …. 30 billion McDonald’s customers can’t be wrong … lol

  6. Reminds me of an episode several years back from Girl Genius Online dot com/comic dot php. (steampunk)
    Agatha went into a trance and invented The Perfect Coffee Maker Machine.

  7. Bongopoofte

    We actually discussed this here some time ago. The blends I’ve had have been acidic as hell. I wasn’t the only one saying that. I lite my day off with a good cup a joe. It’s important, crucial, to me.

  8. joe6pak

    I’ve been pondering a Topless Drive through. We’d probably need to run it ourselves for a while. Are you in?

  9. These bikini baristas are running up a bunch of lawyers fees. They are winning some of their cases too. 1st Ammendment you know. It’s fun to think about, then reality hits, I don’t think mrs6pak would let me, and I can’t think of what I would tell her what I’m doing. Maybe I’ll have her dress up for me and bring me a cup.

  10. A robot making my coffee? I just got used to the tatted up, pink haired girl who looks like she face planted into an open tackle box. I may have to just make my own coffee again.

  11. Those little coffee huts are all the rage here in Alaska, though we have Starf**ks here too.

    Personally I dislike coffee intensely.

  12. I’m confused. I thought robot coffee service already existed. It’s called Starbucks.

    In the late 80s, West Palm Beach, buxom babes in thongs, were raking in the dough selling Sabrett hot dogs (insert your own cleverly named menu items), in pushcarts at major intersections. Big brouhaha when the county commission shut them down for causing too many accidents.


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