Dennis Miller – Start Impeachment Against Trump Now

Miller wants the left, Rinos and #NeverTrumpers to put up or shut up. Impeachment would go nowhere, and everyone knows it. It’s just a constant distraction.

METHINKS… Take Trump Down or Pipe Down, Start Impeachment Proceedings Now.

Try reading it without having Dennis Miller’s voice and inflections in your head.

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26 Comments on Dennis Miller – Start Impeachment Against Trump Now

  1. I think they have tried it, that on more than one occasion a bill of impeachment has been filed. And failed miserably, obviously. But nothing will stop them from making statements.

  2. Dennis Miller is screaming for someone to notice him. There certainly is no impeachment discussion until after the mid-terms, and then only if the elephants get their ass kicked. Take a seat Dennis.

  3. Hi was a Dennis Miller fan for a long time. And as such, and someone who has followed him over probably 20+ years, I would would advise that he has gone crazy. Crazy against Trump and Crazy against the constitution that he would stand for before this strife in his life. Drugs? I don’t know.

  4. too many joke-lines in search of a topic here, Dennis … usually love most of your stuff, but this one is so far afield I need a road map to get back to the subject matter
    … jeez, am I being too cranky tonight?

  5. YESSIR….I agree with Dennis…Impeach him if you can…..and you know you can’t….can you say impeach him?…..I know you can….I’ll be slipping into my cardigan and slippers now…….wow, look at the train!!!!…

  6. I don’t think Miller wants Trump impeached, just that he thinks it would help Trump were it to happen. I haven’t heard a lot from him recently but what I have heard has been acceptable to me.

  7. That might be a valid theory, but not this time. Dennis Miller isn’t as smart or as funny as he thinks he is.

  8. OK Nudies, Claudia Cardinal, Raquel Welch, Sophia, Britt Ekland, Jill St John, Jennifer Aniston, Elke sommer, Elizabeth Montgomery….where does the madness stop?….

  9. BFH is right. Read past the headlines, folks! Miller doesn’t want Trump impeached. Just the opposite.


  10. @BFH: Just speaking for myself, for the love of God, please don’t go there.

    And disregard anything Larry the Liberal has to say.


  11. Don’t worry, fur, I do read the articles and click bait you post. Promise.
    For instance, Miller is just pointing out that this whole impeachment thing has gone on long enough and that the left needs to try it now or shut the hell up already.

  12. First, who listens to anything a real new yawker says?

    Second, it’s miller, read it to find out the thought process to get there.

    I still don’t listen to him.

  13. He’s brilliant. I follow Him on FB.

    He doesn’t Post a lot…But when he does ..

    BANG ! Right to the Heart of the Matter.

  14. A good number of commentors here just don’t get Miller. He’s a political conservative and a brilliant one at that. I’ve followed him for years and this is classic Dennis. All he is doing challenging the leftist aholes to put up or stfu. He knows that nothing would come of it. Then Trump would silence them at least on this impeachment bull. Try reading the article in FULL.


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