‘Special Ed’ Schultz Claims He Was Fired From NBC for Supporting Bernie Sanders

Diogenes’ Middle Finger: We all remember Ed Schultz, once known far and wide for his spitting, slobbering, blood vessel bursting left-wing tirades on MSNBC, now claims he was forced out at MSNBC in 2015 because of his support for his friend, Batsh!t Crazy Bernie Sanders. Schultz often interviewed Sanders before the Vermont senator’s presidential campaign. Crazy Ed has since moved on to his present stint as a tool for the Kremlin propaganda network RT (Russia Today) long before the leftist American media turned on Vlad Putin for ruining the coming progressive dynasty and helped Donald Trump steal the throne of their exalted Queen Hillary.  Details here

6 Comments on ‘Special Ed’ Schultz Claims He Was Fired From NBC for Supporting Bernie Sanders

  1. Ed, just because you suck & you continue to suck because you support others that suck, doesn’t mean that you suck just because of those that you support suck … YOU suck …
    reality is such a bitch when it hits you in the face w/ an iron skillet
    … just ask James Cuckey

  2. For once I see a good headline where NBC is not let off the hook for someone working at their Communist front network! Now what about the rest of the Commies in NBC?

  3. It may have been for your support of that moron Bernie Sanders but the result is what drilled that home run. Stay gone you useless tub of guts.


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