Just Before the Death of Scalia Obama Called For More Civility in Politics

As I read the hundreds and hundreds of tweets and FB post by leftists expressing how much they are enjoying Scalia’s death, I humbly say to Obama, go lick Michelle’s hairy, dimpled, pimply, man ass.

That is all.

Oh, and please drop dead in your sleep tonight. The both of you.

How’s that for leftist style civility? Did I do good Barry?

9 Comments on Just Before the Death of Scalia Obama Called For More Civility in Politics

  1. The level of hatred that has been exhibited today has been truly disgusting and it reaffirms to me something that I have known for a long time.

    These people are not thinkers. These people are not smart. These people know nothing of history, ancient or recent. These people know nothing of humility, nor grace.

    These people are base. These people are dumb. These people are useful idiots for those who would enslave us all.

    These people are the enemy.

  2. The day Justice Scalia dies, a man who made decisions based on history and logic, the left celebrates.

    The day Bill Ayers dies, a man who plotted to murder soldiers, the left will mourn.

    All you really need to know.

  3. If it is possible, Heaven is now a richer place.

    Fur – cottage cheese doesn’t have dimples.It’s got kurds. And Moosehell’s got the same problem as Turkey does with them, they’re a pain in the ass of unlovely people. Love me some Kurds.

  4. My VERY FIRST reaction upon hearing that Justice Scalia had died is that the Liberal Left had him killed/assassinated — something out of a Grisham novel.

    The Liberal Left would stop at nothing to get rid of their political enemies. Trust nothing that they say.

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