Just Another Day in Detroilet

“Give me some money, ” said one of the three guys hit hit a senior citizen in a liquor store. He goes down like a black oak.

One could only hope the old guy was drunk and didn’t feel any pain.
Police are looking for the suspects.

ht/ just the tip

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  1. I presently have an active Arizona carry permit that is recognized in about 34 states. I have recently moved to Oregon which does not recognize Arizona carry permit. I am presently in the process of jumping through the bureaucratic/liberal hoops in order to obtain my constitutionally guaranteed right to arm myself because of shit like this that is promanate in liberally run states.

  2. WHY? You ask. Why, to bring them to justice of course. That’s why. These yoots have no work, no parents, nothing, living in a white racist country, abbada, dabba dooo, da.Dindu nuttin nevah.

  3. Height: Average
    Hair: Kinky Black
    Tone: Swarthy
    Eyes: Brown
    Nose: Flat
    Lips: Full
    Answers to: “Yo, niggah!”
    No visible means of support.

    Good luck wid dat!

  4. Since Global warming is settled science, Antarctica will make a nice warehouse for these types of folks.
    Lobotomize all prisoners locked up life for violent crime and let them all out to work on the farms.
    The other prisoners left can walk on treadmills eight hours a day to power the prison grid.

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