Debate Lowlights

I tend to focus on the negatives, which is healthy when it comes to politicians.

-Trump saying Planned Parenthood did great things for women’s health except abortions.

What great things? Trump saying that PP does anything other than abortions undermines the work we’ve been doing as conservatives to expose the organization as nothing but a tax payer funded abortion mill.

-Bush saying he thinks Obama should get a replacement pick for Scalia. Way to go, Squishy.

-Cruz telling Trump that adults learn not to interrupt. Not only does Cruz always interrupt, he interrupts in other languages.

-Rubio continually trying to worm out of the fact that he was supporting a horrendous amnesty bill.

-Ben Carson closed the debate with a quote from Stalin that sounded like a made up internet meme.

“America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.” -Stalin

I can’t find a reference to Stalin actually saying this. I could be wrong, though.

Unless the candidates are willing to do a swimsuit and talent session, I think we can dispense with these exercises until we are down to 2 candidates. Otherwise it’s simply like watching a food fight at McDonalds.

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  1. The voice. Rubio sounds like a child. Cruz sounds like he needs his adenoids taken out. Carson cannot project his voice. Kasich has that spittle problem. Bush sounds petulant and whiny. Trump has a soft voice that he can project, but all bets are off when he says something about Cruz being a “pussy”. That is the point of no return right there.

  2. Rubio basically double dog dared Cruz to prove he could speak Spanish. I did get a kick out of Trumps face going back and looking at the video though. Priceless, Trump standing there between Cruz snd Rubio. Hahahahaha!

  3. I hate some of the people that run PP, but they do good things with contraception availability, health screenings, and heath resource location.. It’s a poorer women typ eof thing.

  4. From Legal Insurrection:

    DEBATE OVER. Aleister nailed it:
    Ugly debate. Ugly audience. Weak moderators. #GOPDebate
    — Aleister (@AmericanGlob) February 14, 2016


    They all want to win South Carolina,
    and South Carolina LOVES junkyard dogfights.

  5. “The 2 Hour Republicrat Imbecile Hour of Republicrat Imbecility” is what it should have been called.
    Took the bait right off the mark and degenerated into a booger-flick-fest.
    Nothing in the least enlightening about the participants and the moderator acted like he jizzed his drawers at their foolishness.

  6. Weasel Zippers live blog also had Trump (paraphrased), “He [GWB] lied about weapons of mass destruction and destabilized the middle east.” This evidently just preceded the WTC comment.

    Over the years I’ve read liberals who admit that Bush did not lie — his people got the intel wrong, or they lied TO him — but they admit he definitely believed everything he said. So if WZ got Trump’s comment correct, I now can’t give him the same credit on that point that I’ve given to some liberals.

  7. I liked a tweet that Justin Amash (R-MI) sent about the debate:

    “Some good, lots of bad from the candidates tonight. But nothing worse than the obnoxious audience. That was embarrassing.”

  8. Davy
    February 14, 2016 at 12:33 am

    After the stupid shit I heard tonight, I am reconsidering Carson. He’s the only one that didn’t act like a child.


    I dunno of I want someone like him in the White House. He’s got some issues going on. Stabbing a relative, hitting his mother over the head with a hammer, a portrait hanging in his house of him and Jesus, his 7th day Adventist religion. I’d say his like all the others standing on that stage, childish. I really dislike all of them except Trump. My mind is made up. If he doesn’t get the nomination I won’t vote. I despise Bush. Look at his nose, he looks like he enjoys smelling his own farts..

  9. To prolific link poster Anony:

    If you can’t spend the time and effort to pick an identifier for yourself and express your opinion, I can’t find the time to check out your links.

    You could use “Annoying Silent Link Poster who wants to influence from afar with no future consequences for himself “.

  10. Not that I am a fan of PP at all, but they do provide some important services to the very LOW INCOME women. Like pelvic exams, testing for sexually transmitted diseases, contraception, and pregnancy testing. The women who avail themselves of those services likely would not go elsewhere ($) and especially in the case of STDs that would be a pretty bad thing. If abortion were removed from the options of services available – then no one would have a problem with PP. But obviously that ain’t gonna happen.

    Frankly I for one am glad that there are places that those types of women can get help for STDs and get contraceptives at no cost to themselves. I know that county health offices provide some of those services, but not all do.

  11. Grandme,

    I believe every state has a good public health system already in place. Patients can get all the services you mentioned, except probably abortion. Patients are referred to specialists, xray, lab what ever is needed, including birth control.

    And men, children, and women can get services, referrals to specialists in the system, prenatal care, post natal, well baby care, medication, health education, support groups, drug treatment, immunizations, and diagnosis and treatment for STDs, HIV, aids, anything else you may want to see your doctor about. Men, women, children, chronic and acute illnesses.

    Your tax money is already paying for your county health department. And another thing, your county health department already has emergency plans in place for a natural disaster, an epidemic, a toxic waste emergency, community disaster, that coordinates with hospital, police, fire, rescue, and national guard.

    And another thing, they typically charge on a sliding scale based on income.

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