Ben Jealous Not Acting Very Gubernatorial

He’s running for governor of Maryland. They say Trump isn’t very presidential. Is this gubernatorial?

Now he’s apologizing.

He says he “speaks passionately” and is a “real guy.”

Does that explanation not work for the president or is this the “free pass card” that is exclusively afforded to leftists?

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12 Comments on Ben Jealous Not Acting Very Gubernatorial

  1. What a joke. I could care less that he’s a Black Guy, but since the story goes there, I have to say he reminds me of Rachel Dolezall, who faked being a Black Woman for years to gain employment and social advantages.

    If this is how the guy acts in public, he must be a total tyrant when he thinks nobody is watching. You don’t react like that when things are going your way, so my guess is we won’t be seeing much of him after the election.

    If I’m wrong, Maryland deserves him.

  2. The guy doesn’t know what to do with his hands. I’ll bet he’s got sweat circles under his arms. Dropping the F-bomb might be the thing that makes him memorable.

  3. He still didn’t answer the question. He said he’s going to push more people into obamacare. Clueless loser!

  4. If pushing more people onto obongocare really means pushing them onto Medicaid, then I’d say that was already accomplished in Maryland.

  5. Jealous is so ill-informed and inexperienced he still thinks he will win the ‘Goober’natorial Race. When asked about being in the lead for that, he replied “Get the F’ outta here”.

  6. Maryland is full of these socialist
    whacko’s. Most of them come out
    of the two lefty bastion counties
    (next to DC) or Baltimore City.
    If the muz ever nuke DC Maryland
    would be a Red State right after


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