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Ben Shapiro Files Charges – Unfortunately the Perp Has a Mental Illness Defense

Good for Shapiro. You can’t let these freaks off the hook when they assault people.

During a debate about Bruce Jenner, Shapiro said by going along with calling Jenner a woman is “mainstreaming delusion.” This upset one of the sensitive gentle people, a fellow mentally ill man in a dress who believes he’s a woman.

And yes, grabbing someone by the neck and threatening to send them home in an ambulance is assault.



Shapiro explained to Breitbart News why he filed the police report. “Just because the left has designated someone a member of the victim class does not mean that that person gets to infringe the rights of others,” he said of his report. “Until the left learns that, their aggression will not stop.”

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  1. Ben’s response was classic when this happened..something to the effect that he felt “this was mildly inappropriate for a political discussion”..


  2. “Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions.”

    ― G.K. Chesterton

  3. I think we conservatives generally let stuff go and it’s time to strike back. So I give Ben credit for taking an action from the Lefty playbook. Picture the same situation in reverse, i.e. Ben putting his hand on the other and verbalizing a threat to harm……the other and the media would have been all over it as assault, and probably hate-crime too. Go Ben!

  4. Hindsight: It would have been great if Shapiro had, on the air, called for security to energetically escort the assailant from the premises.

    “Security, remove this man from the building at once, and be wary of him because he assaulted me. Then call the police.”

  5. On any employment form, check ‘I will not disclose’ when it comes to the left’s favorite section: equality. It may short folks, but it is voluntary. If you think you’re the wrong gender, why change your outward appearance? Shouldn’t you have a talk with your mom?
    War On Women.

  6. Actually, the charges are for Battery. In California that’s different than assault.

    Carries fines of community service & 6 months jail and/or $2000.

    How much will s/he/it pay?

  7. “Ben Shapiro Files Charges – Unfortunately the Perp Has a Mental Illness Defense”

    So did that wacko in the Denver movie theater, but they convicted him any ways. And I think the theater shooter is more mentally ill than the Shapiro perp.

  8. California doesn’t have assault charges?
    Assault in assault and battery is the verbal threat.
    Battery is the physical part.

  9. At a certain point this just is getting a tad whiny. Figure it out. California lets psycho-fags threaten whomever they want. So learn self-defense, and if the faggot piece of shit touches you again, kick its ass and claim self-defense.

  10. That whole s/he/it formulation is awkward.

    I am going to start using the term “SHIt”, works on a couple of levels.

  11. As a former Californian, that’s how I understand it, BFH. However, the Breitbart article does specify “battery,” and omit the word “assault.” To confuse matters further, I looked up Penal Code 666, which appears on the police report unless I’m seeing things, and it is defined as “Petty Theft with a Prior.” WTH does that have to do with this situation? Maybe the officer as making a biblical reference about the assailant?

  12. Oh. I looked again, and the 666 box reads R.D., not P.C. I don’t know what R.D. means on a police report.

  13. What I can’t understand is that “Dr.” Drew sat there and “monitored”. He made no comment as he watched what was taking place. “Dr.” Drew then asks a man to come back to face an individual who assaulted him, like it is the most reasonable request in the world. No one has the right to put their hands on me and no one has the right to put their hands on Ben Shapiro, regardless of sex, gender or identity.
    Guess it was one of those little lessons that Tur didn’t learn while he pretended to be a man.

  14. Nope.

    ‘Cause THEN, YOU are automatically guilty of attacking one of the “chosen”…

  15. I’m glad you pointed it out. It would be Assault and Battery. The crazy person threatened Shapiro too.

  16. Dr. Drew sat around and let it happen because he was probably waiting for one of them to die.
    Dr. Drew has been involved in more celebrity deaths than the
    ‘Scream’ movies.

  17. OK, so I’ll say it…

    I wonder if it can take a punch to the pectorals like the rest of us burly guys.

    BUT – it would be funnier if Shapiro gave it a t*tty twist.

    I’m done…

  18. We real women don’t threaten men with physical violence as the first response. We tongue-lash them to death. Funny how the manliness came out of this man when he got angry. So unfeminine.

  19. I use he when it’s a mentally ill male that identifies as female and she when it’s a mentally ill female that identifies as male. I will not play the fucking game. If it pisses them off, even better.

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