Woman in Story We Featured Yesterday Allegedly Involved in Fatal Car Wreck Caused By Anti-Confederate Flag Activists

Update: this is not a double post. I’m posting this because of the addendum at the bottom of this piece.

“Arlene Army” burned her NAACP membership card in protest over the organizations anti-confederate flag stance.

This was the story we posted.

It’s being reported today that an Arlene Barnum was a passenger in a car being chased by anti-confederate flag activists when the driver lost control and rolled into a ditch. The driver died.

We believe Arlene Barnum to be “Arlene Army.”

Huge tip of the hat to eagle eye Mr. Mxyzptlk who pieced this one together.
Incidentally, when I saw the name of the driver it rung a bell.
Sometimes bloggers create posts and then have second thoughts about posting it.
That was the case with a piece about Anthony Hervey.
Here’s a screen shot of the discarded post title.
Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 2.17.17 PM
Here’s a bit of the post I was creating before I discarded it.
RIP Mr. Hervey –

Author Anthony Hervey is Fed Up With the Left’s “Niggerization” of the Black Man


Why I Wave the Confederate Flag, Written by a Black Man: The End of Niggerism and the Welfare State

I thought it might be possible that this author was simply saying things white people would like to hear, and making a quick buck by exploiting this vulnerability.

But this book was written 8 years ago, before the Obama era, and Hervey’s revelations were formed years prior to that.


I tried to contact Mr. Hervey on social media. I scrubbed the post because I only wanted to post it after getting to speak with him to find out where he was, ideologically, 8 years after writing his book.

Maybe he wasn’t so into flying the confederate flag any longer.

Apparently he was.


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  2. The civil war was a low period in this county. I agree lets get rid of it, they started with the stars and bars, now changing road names, Fuck, don’t stop there get rid of the battlefields!!!!!! I need land to build more houses!!!!

  3. This guys death makes me sick and angry all at the same time. It’s being reported the people chasing them were the New Black Pussies. It’s time to start beating these people down,

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