Bern It To the Ground

The Feral Irishman was taken with a reader’s comment at AngryWhiteDude where the guy said that he’s planning on voting for Bernie Sanders just so we can get the destruction of America over as quick as possible.

That way, maybe, we can be a part of the rebuilding rather than just in the grips of the slow death.

We had to do the image.

You can see it over at Irish’s place HERE.


8 Comments on Bern It To the Ground

  1. (Bern baby bern) disco inferno
    (Bern baby bern) burn that mother down
    (Bern baby bern) disco inferno
    (Bern baby bern) burn that mother down

    Calling on all your photoshop gurus We need to put bern in a disco outfit complete with a big fro !

  2. Disagree, LBS.

    Berine and Hill are one thing. The troll here “true liberty” said the same as to why he would vote for Hillary (if not Cruz).

    Trump? NO…unless you equate the concepts of “downsizing a company” and “righting a ship” with the destruction of “burning it all down.”

  3. In my biz I run into a lot of survivalist preppers with the same mind set. I always ask them what they think Russia and China will be doing while our nation is totally left defenseless.

  4. Bad Brad is right.

    I definitely see the point about “Let it Bern” there is a definite logic to it.

    But the flaw is assuming that patriots could “rise up” and rebuild the nation properly.

    By assuming that you are assuming there isn’t a force behind the collapse who is also waiting to “rise up” and rebuild the nation to THEIR liking.

    Or, that the vultures and hyenas wouldn’t be waiting in the shadows to tear all remaining meat off the carcass. (Russia/China/Mexico/Etc)

    No, unless the patriots are structured and reinforced to the level of, oh, say, the National Guard and The Military, it would be a struggle on par with, oh, I dunno, Mad Max?

    A Military Coup disguised as “Let it Bern” is the way to go if you are inclined to use that tactic.

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