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Bernie “Economic Dumbbell” Sanders

This image is in response to Sanders whining that it makes no sense that a family pays up to 8% on a student loan, whereas they can get a home loan for 3%.

Sanders, the imbecile, doesn’t understand that a bank can take your house because it’s the collateral that secured the loan. So the percentage is low.

What does the bank get when some a-hole, like a Bernie Sanders supporter, defaults on their I-should-never-have-been-in-college-in-the-first-place loan?

A headache. That’s what they get.


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  1. Banks don’t do student loans anymore. Just the government. The government sets student “loan” rates. Not that it matters. A government loan that doesn’t have to be paid back is known as an entitlement, like welfare. Most students now plan to default on their loans.

  2. so…..basically, ‘free’ education is worthless….another basic Economic fact Bernie never understood

  3. At Bernies age it shouldn’t require a book. But then again Bernies spent most of his life avoiding real work. So once again we have a weak sister retarded extremist running for public office. Fuck you Bernie. Go get a real job before it’s to late.

  4. Why accept the premise at all?
    If there really is a better way, why doesn’t Burning and Itching do it himself and show us how successful it is?
    That is the beauty of a free market. If Burny’s formulation of preparation H is better, he will succeed and his competitors will fail.

  5. college should be free!

    at this time in history it’s about as valuable as a hemorrhoid.
    no one pays to have one of them do they.

  6. You are assuming he doesn’t understand collateral…

    He might just think it’s “unfair” or “greedy” to expect a return on a loan.
    Remember, he’s a true believer in redistribution.

  7. College loans are the only loans you cannot discharge in bankruptcy thanks to Bill Clinton.

    Now, look at the % charged by the government for college loans and the % charged by the government for money to banks (which is 0), remember that the government will take money AGAIN from taxpayers when bank loans go bad and ask – are Americans being made tax slaves?

    I am NOT a Sanders supporter in any sense but the matter of the government charging above market interest rate for what the government knows to be worthless degrees which can never be discharged needs to be examined. If a private group acted as the government is acting, wouldn’t they all be sent to jail?

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