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Bernie Reverts

Waiting until the morning after capitulating to the Clinton/Democrat machine, Senator Bernie Sanders (I – VT) to officially renounce the party he tried to hijack.

Sanders has declared that he will return to the Senate and serve out his remaining two years as an Independent.


I guess they weren’t ideologically pure enough for him.


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  1. I really can’t wait to tell some little socialist Bernie snowflake, that they are paying for my early Social Security, because MY money was spend on THEIR social programs.

    Oh, it isn’t supposed to work that way? Sniffles.

  2. They ought to make it law that if you run for the big seat you have to resign your little seat. Whether it’s Governor, Senator, Congressman, Mayor or whatever. The presidential nomination process alone is at least a year long, fulltime event and you can’t possible give your constituents the service they have a right to expect.

  3. Not sure if Bernie was being honest or not to begin with. I think his script (as someone who was just supposed to make democrats think they actually had a choice), was to try and sound as left as possible so it would make hiLIARy look moderate.

  4. Amazing that the “feel the Bern” crowd are the one’s that actually got burned —- by a sellout politician, just like all the rest.

    Useful idiots who just realized how useless they actually were all along.

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