Beto’s Idiotic Illogical Mixed Message On Guns

I don’t usually use the ef bomb in a post, and I’m not going to start here because this friggin’ idiot is not worth breaking a streak over.

This has to be one of the stupidest collection of words ever cobbled together by a human.

This is the moron Beto talking about his weapons confiscation, the one where people are going to voluntarily give up their guns to the government-

“My faith, my confidence, is in the people of this country.”

That’s why I’m going to take away your guns.

“I met AR-15 owners who… all of them who would follow the law…”

That’s why I’m going to take away their guns.

“We are a nation of laws, and I do believe Americans will comply with the law.”

That’s why I’m going to take away your guns, because you’re all law-abiding.”

Does this asshole even hear himself? He’s proud of this nation and its people because they are law-abiding… and law-abiding people are definitely going to turn in their guns, because they are dangerous and could be mass killers.

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  1. Living in the hill country outside of Austin Beto stickers have been a staple for a long time, Started dwindling for several months to seeing not a one by Texas State today. This ass clown probably has no idea of how tarnished he is making himself. Even TX dems don’t want their ARs or guns confiscated. If he had dreams of running again here good luck to that!

  2. I sure don’t like to second guess God, but I’ll never understand why He didn’t make stupidity painful. Bobo O. should be in excruciating agony.

    p.s. Translator’s note: in Spanish, “Bobo” means “Fool”

  3. The Constitution is the highest law in the land. I expect real Americans to follow the law too. That means: get the fuck off my property if you are here to violate rights guaranteed me under the Constitution.

  4. I think his point is that, if you’ll give up your guns with the Second Amendment, you’ll give up anything. He’s probably right on that. He really thinks people are THAT stupid.

  5. Beta O’Riordan. Singlemouthedly saving the gun industry from bankruptcy.

    The only way Beta would follow the Constitution is if the law of unintended consequences was enshrined in the Bill of Rights.

  6. Well will you look at that. I guy with a burglary conviction wants to ban an entire class of defensive weapons.

  7. How worried am I about him?

    The last guy I was talking to that was open carrying, was a gay lefty Dem in his own livingroom.

    That dude was worried about some anti-gay assaults that had been happening in his part of town.

    People on both sides of the aisle know what guns are for and aren’t about to become defenseless.

    The peeps I meet that start up with anti-gun virtue-signaling never have real answers for real problems. Just the mantras.

    I end up asking the smallish (always smallish) man what he would do in a completely weaponless world if 6 guys my size decided to walk down the street and do whatever they fancy to him, his family, and his property.

    That pretty much ends the discussion when they wouldn’t be able to stop one of me from doing whatever I want in that very moment.

    Feels just like scolding a child for doing something stupidly dangerous.

    Every. Time.

  8. Didn’t he once, take an oath to defend the Constitution? 🤨 Isn’t the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution… part of, THE CONSTITUTION?! 🤔

    He’ll be happy to know, we EXPECT our politicians here in America, to OBEY THE LAW. ESPECIALLY those contained in the BILL OF RIGHTS. 😡

  9. “We are a nation of laws, and I do believe Americans will comply with the law.”

    Yea, like the millions of illegals that you are pandering to by making up the first name of “Beto”.
    Like all the gang-bangers. Yup! They’ll just bring in all their hardware. Sure.
    When the illegals comply with the law by leaving and the criminals start abiding by our laws, then, and only then will I turn in any AR-15 I might have. (not saying I do have, only if I did have an AR-15.)

  10. If you believe “people will follow the law” then you do not need to confiscate guns because there would be no more mass shootings because people would be following the law.
    You’re a F*cking IDIOT!

  11. TRF September 14, 2019 at 7:40 pm

    Truer words never spoken. This guy, referred to by me as the Tiger Beat candidate, has a following that is shallow of intellect and thinks of the guy, as most of that type do, their first piece of ass. They are “in love” with the idiot.

    They are projecting their hormones onto what their teachers have inculcated in them as what a thoroughly modern Millie should aspire to hitch their wagon to.

    He drank the Kool Aid too and can’t figure out why his allure is not gaining traction. Hint – the dumbsluts who have been brainwashed are too busy with their social schedule to care much to bother to vote. Now that they are out of high schoool and busy shopping that pussy around town trying to land a tech geek with a lot of money or scheduling the next cuckolding session, if successful at landing a sucker, they have forgot about the politics that “dreamy” teacher tried so hard to instill in them. All they care about is if they can get their pussy vacuumed so that a child doesn’t interfere with their social life. And in that any Democrat will do.

    It’s the truth and you know it is.

    Against Trump he would still land the easy pussy, and make 69% of the female vote, but not much else would give him a majority.


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