Kelly Craft Steps on the UN Stage as the New U.S. Ambassador


Kelly Knight Craft, who is replacing Nikki Haley as the United States ambassador to the United Nations, officially presented her credentials to United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres on September 12th. In her remarks to the press afterwards, Ambassador Craft declared that she was coming to the UN “as a voice of America’s unwavering commitment to democracy, freedom, human rights and whenever possible peaceful resolution of conflicts.” She added, ” In a world marked by humanitarian crises and geopolitical challenges, strong American leadership is absolutely critical, and I intend to provide it. I will defend America’s values and interests. I will stand by our friends and allies. I will advocate for the poor and the weak.”

Former Ambassador Haley set the bar very high for the position, speaking forcefully about the UN’s shortcomings, the need for significant reform, and particularly regarding its anti-Israel bias. One of her most notable accomplishments was to push through the UN Security Council the toughest multilateral economic sanctions ever imposed on the North Korean regime. Ambassador Craft will surely have big shoes to fill. However, contrary to the demeaning barbs her Democrat detractors threw at Ambassador Craft during her Senate confirmation hearing, Ambassador Craft possesses the requisite qualifications to effectively represent and defend U.S. interests and values at the United Nations and to hold the institution accountable.

During her opening statement to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on the occasion of her confirmation hearing, Ambassador Craft talked about the importance of U.S. leadership to thwart the “bad actors at the UN.” She pointed to Russia and China in particular, citing their “cynical approaches to the United Nations.” She promised that she will miss no opportunity to draw attention to their “malign influence at the UN; to distinguish American leadership from the corrosive, underhanded conduct of those nations; and to reinforce the values—our values—that were central to the UN’s founding.”  Ambassador Craft also decried the “unrelenting bias and hostility in UN venues” towards Israel. “The United States will never accept such bias, and if confirmed I commit to seizing every opportunity to shine a light on this conduct, call it what it is, and demand that these outrageous practices finally come to an end,” she said. read more

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  1. Sounds like the right person for the Star Wars bar scene that is the Hahaha “United Nations”. This son of a league of nations mess that shouldn’t exist needs a strong US voice but should have been killed many decades ago.

    But if it still survives, a strong voice is good.

    I suppose.

    My real feeling is that it should be disbanded and the prime real estate should be turned into condos.

    League of Nations/United Nations is so 20th century.
    We have common ground with some nations. And alliances.

    Otherwise this is a platform for nations with which there exists nothing in common who use that platform to undermine our national interests.

    Wow. This is a long comment. Sorry.

  2. PHenry SEPTEMBER 14, 2019 AT 8:40 PM

    “My real feeling is that it should be disbanded and the prime real estate should be turned into condos.”

    For sometime I’ve thought that it’s a useless and in fact harmful outfit. Since we can’t seem to get a walk away I believe you have hit upon the proper idea…

    We obviously have the technology to have any and all these asshats each sitting in their own little room listening / broadcasting without the necessary real estate being wasted on them. In fact, why is it even necessary for them to be in-country causing problems and having immunity? Wasted resources! After all if you’re really serious about solving problems you certainly don’t need the fancy digs.

  3. According to some sources, the UN was FDR’s highest post-war priority. Given, FINALLY, discussions of the many totalitarian impulses, economic preferences, admiration of Mussolini until it became “incorrect”, statist preferences, betrayal of political allies and practically reptilian power madness of FDR, PHenry’s suspicions of the UN are perfectly appropriate. So is his suggestion for the future of the outfit!

  4. FDR not my favorite president but he established America’s world position after winning WWII. (A similar opportunity was fumbled by Wilson after the Great War.)
    That position has eroded since then, due in part to the admission of third-world shitholes to UN membership.

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