Beyonce Brings Her BLM Shtick to VMA


Doubling down on her tasteless BLM salute at this year’s Super Bowl, entertainer Beyonce not only brought the Mothers of Movement to the Video Music Awards last night, but also included a bit with her dancers appearing to get shot on stage as part of her performance.


 When agitation becomes entertainment it loses its relevance.





12 Comments on Beyonce Brings Her BLM Shtick to VMA

  1. When this big booty ho’s thug husband shot his crackhead brother, did he have on little angel wings too?

  2. I really can’t stand Beotchy, and find amusement in the fact that she actually has to look at Jay Z’s face to keep her lifestyle and contacts.

  3. Too bad some “highly refined, upstanding gentleman from the Offrican-Americon community” didn’t drive through the place and shoot da b!tch.


  4. Hey, guys. Lighten up.
    Bey is a great “role model” for the O’s rent-a-daughters.
    Moose said so.

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